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Wednesday, September 1 View Page
Been a bit too busy to post pics this summer. I'll see what I can find in the weeds, see ya at the weighoffs!
Sunday, September 12 View Page
1212 Wolf 21 DMG Grown from the 2051 Marshall, it went down to a fatal stem split. Complete grower error I should have handled it better early on. About 10% over chart.
Saturday, September 18 View Page
1617 Wolf 21 (2005 Haist x 2268 LeBlanc) Good looking fruit, a little over chart.
Saturday, September 18 View Page
1357 Wolf 21 (2174 Daletas x Self) The main vine broke before pollination, so I had to retrain a new main. The plant lost a bit of its momentum at that point, but I was very happy with the fruit color and a whopping 15% over chart.
Saturday, September 18 View Page
1212 Wolf 21 (1514 Slone x 1885 Werner) I could tell the 1514 has some potential. This is the only one that was pollinated with the 1885 plant.
Saturday, September 18 View Page
978 Wolf 21 (2350 Geinger x 2089 Thomson) The reddest fruit I had this year. Unfortunately, once the plant out grew the little greenhouse, it went downhill quickly. Just couldn't take the heat and the leaves got small. Never seen anything quite like it. The pollinating plant was lost to disease, but would have made a nice looking pumpkin.
Saturday, September 25 View Page
1398.5 Wolf 21 (1688 Snyder x 2051 Marshall) This was grown out in the 'orange patch', and did quite well in those conditions.
Sunday, September 26 View Page
1117 Wolf 21 (1083 Schmit x Self) I put in a bunch of orange this year, and it paid off with a HD award from the Ridgefield, CT site and 5th place too. This was grown out in the orange patch, and has another pumpkin on the plant around 300# on it.
Friday, October 1 View Page
The 1552 Young was grown out in the orange patch, and lived up to the pretty expectations. Unfortunately, the main vine snapped before anything was set, so I let the plant go wild. Left side: 665.5 Wolf 21 (1552 Young x 2163 Paton) Right side: 692 Wolf 21 (1552 Young x sib) There were two other pumpkins the were lost to rot late season on the plant - one open pollinated around 400#, and another estimating 338# that was pollinated with the 2268 LeBlanc. Some seeds were saved from the 338. The pollinating plant to the 692 was grown by Tim Bailey and had a beautiful fruit that was lost before the weighoff estimating over 1200#
Friday, October 1 View Page
896 Wolf 21 (2261 Schmit x 1215 Young) - I was hoping for a little better color, but it was a pretty solid shape.
Saturday, October 2 View Page
1220 Wolf 21 (1937 Urena x 717 Connolly), 3rd place Clarence, NY
Monday, October 4 View Page
Left - 1040 Wolf 21 (1215 Young x 717 Connolly) Right - 906 Wolf 21 (1215 Young x 717 Connolly) These were grown on the same 1215 plant, and there is also a 300# on a side vine. The 1040 unfortunately developed some fungal spotting on the skin, so it was donated for a local fundraiser instead of going to a weighoff. The 906 Took 1st place at the Randolph, NY contest. Both beautiful fruit.
Monday, October 4 View Page
986 Wolf 21 (717 Connolly x 1552 Young) This was Tim's plant, and he ended up with two other fruit in the 300s on side vines on it. Great color, and I could tell the seed had some potential. Didn't get the best care for sure, but I'm glad I used this one as a pollinator for a bunch of the sets.
Monday, October 11 View Page
One amazing weekend for sure. 1787 Wolf 21 (2163 Paton x 2174 Daletas) 5th place SOGPG weighoff. Went way heavy which was a nice surprise.
Monday, October 11 View Page
196 Wolf 21 (242 Wolf x self) Grafted to my 258 bushel gourd rootstock. I got greedy and kept a second fruit on the plant. It probably cost me a 200#er, and the plan backfired when the second one rotted at 150# anyway. Looks like it was the biggest one grown this far north.
Monday, October 11 View Page
2365 Wolf 21 (1885 Werner x 2174 Daletas) Wow. Once again the 1885 grew my best one. I was just happy to get this one to scale with no problems, and going heavier than I expected was the icing on the cake. The plant itself was problem free, and the stump and vines stayed intact throughout all the rain, unlike my #2 and #3.
Monday, October 11 View Page
2365 Wolf from the stem end. Beautiful fruit. Still young, shiny looking skin. With the narrow shoulders, I wasn't all that hopeful with how it would do to the chart, but it did fine. I've wanted to bring a good one to the OVGPG weighoff, and it was awesome to win with such a looker.
Monday, October 11 View Page
1797 Wolf 21 (2268 LeBlanc x 717 Connolly) This plant really impressed me. I lost the stump and first 6 feet of main on July 28th, so I let the plant grow out farther than I normally would have. Then, after yet another heavy rain, the main vine foamed out - right at the stem on Aug 19th. I filleted the main on either side for some ventilation, but the gains really dropped after that. It had been on pace for an easy 2k. The leaves on this one looked the best out of all of them late season.
Saturday, November 27 View Page
2021 rundown: 19 plants 9 weighoffs 8 top 5 finishes 1 HDA 7,700 miles on fall pumpkin stuff 2 deer hit 23,133 pounds put on the weighoff scales One new personal best Let it snow


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