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Tuesday, April 20 View Page
Almost time
Tuesday, April 20 View Page
Only doing one plant
Sunday, May 2 View Page
Probably the slowest plant I've ever had, at least when it was inside, hopefully picks up the pace soon, been in the ground since the 26th. My own 750est, a 2269 Paton selfed
Thursday, May 6 View Page
Put in 2 backups today, didn't like the looks of the first one
Wednesday, July 14 View Page
Well, season started slow. I didn't have shade cloth in time for the greenhouse and the plant just survived with slow growth for awhile. Also didn't rain till well into june. As soon as I had shade cloth and rain water it took off good and is healthy. The first 3 or 4 side vines on each side never grew because of the stress.
Wednesday, July 14 View Page
Finally got afew pollinated this past weekend, hopefully at least one takes, one on the main is around 25' out. Been dealing with constant crazy heat for the past month or more, with little rain but at least my soil holds moisture really well, and the plant never wilts. Most healthy looking plant I've ever had, too bad I couldn't get one pollinated afew weeks ago but there was no females and the plant wasn't big enough anyways since I didn't have those first 6 or more side vines
Wednesday, July 14 View Page
July 11th pollination for the main vine fruit.
Monday, July 26 View Page
Lots of salad


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