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Monday, May 3 View Page
The patch is still under construction but itís getting there. It will be getting a new more sturdy retaining wall and will join up with our new container gardening area.
Monday, May 3 View Page
Itís all it nothing with this plant. I donít have a back up so I hope it transitions to the patch well
Saturday, May 8 View Page
And into the ground it goes. I was hoping to give it another week but it was growing too big for my kitchen table makeshift greenhouse
Sunday, June 27 View Page
I wasnít sure if my next post would be a pumpkin obituary or a pumpkin survival story. This persistent plant has had a tough start to life. On the day after transplant to the patch it was completely forgotten about and stuck in a closed hot tent resulting in a completely wilted plant. Thought it was a goner, but with some hydration it came back despite eventually losing a few of its first leaves. I donít know if this is the genetics, my soil, or the trauma the plant endured, but all the leaves ended up being bright yellow. Not only that, but we ended up with a double vine as well with no secondary vibe growth. The plant was a day or two away from being polled, but it was saved by the fact that it ended up splitting into two main vines. So now we have a plant that is about a quarter of the size it should be at this time of year with no pumpkins in sight yet, but weíre hopeful to get something maybe mid July that could be used as a big jack-oí-lantern this year.
Sunday, July 4 View Page
I spoke too soon in my last post. The plant is growing well after its thought start but Ö
Sunday, July 4 View Page
Ö the main decided to double up again and split and Ö
Sunday, July 4 View Page
Ö the females arenít forming. Every one has been like this and then they die off. Males are normal. So the decision has been made to pull the plant and focus on rebuilding the patch this summer. Maybe next year.
Thursday, July 15 View Page
And thatís a wrap. Plant has been pulled so Iím taking the opportunity to kill weeds and any fungus in the soil.


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