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Sunday, March 7 View Page
Time to dial in the soil and choose some seeds for 2021! https://youtu.be/GV_DlGxS29w
Friday, March 19 View Page
Well our 2021 pumpkin season gets started tomorrow here in Kansas! As a new fun thing we created the worlds first giant pumpkin NFT! https://youtu.be/bb6zBSikLzw Good luck to everyone on the upcoming season may you all set personal bests!
Saturday, March 20 View Page
Absolutely the best time of year I donít know if the wife agrees but I love seeing these things sitting in the sink
Wednesday, March 31 View Page
2304 geddes is loving its new home
Friday, April 2 View Page
My wife made a cool giant pumpkin grower Trading Card NFT. Every Giant pumpkin grower needs one! We're as cool as our sports heros! https://opensea.io/assets/0x495f947276749ce646f68ac8c248420045cb7b5e/43671845006719305682205385865039120121533055078867668655226514735777085128705
Friday, April 2 View Page
Time to plant the 1990 marintzer and the 2304 Geddes let the games begin. Also giving away a 1990 Marintzer seed for the correct guess. Good luck all! https://youtu.be/j4UAJqZ-RUM
Tuesday, April 6 View Page
2304 geddes looking great
Tuesday, April 6 View Page
1990 Marintzer Is a little behind but also looking extremely good
Saturday, April 17 View Page
1990 Marintzer is really starting to stretch out
Saturday, April 17 View Page
Sunday, April 25 View Page
Well we have made a decision good or bad we'll find out! But we are down to one 2304 Geddes and one 1990 Marintzer plant. We are all in now it is officially go time baby! Or is it grow time???
Sunday, April 25 View Page
forgot the link here it is
Sunday, April 25 View Page
forgot the link here it is https://youtu.be/wQyV6k700zc
Sunday, May 2 View Page
Iím growing two outdoor plants this year I really want to get my jacket donít wanna just barely miss out this year first up the 2294.5 Noel
Sunday, May 2 View Page
Next up the 951 New I want orange outside and I really like Chadís cross
Saturday, May 8 View Page
1990 Marintzer looking great just need a female
Saturday, May 8 View Page
2304 geddes Sidevines are really starting to grow now and thereís a little female in the tip
Sunday, May 9 View Page
The Geddes and Marintzer Plants are both moving right along. Side vines are really running and the root burying is starting to get in full swing. https://youtu.be/37KokGNfXJo
Sunday, May 16 View Page
Time to win another pumpkin seed. Give us your guess of when the pumpkins plants will be pollinated get it right and youíll be entered into a drawing to win another 1990 Marintzer seed https://youtu.be/Ry7jBV5v4tQ
Thursday, May 27 View Page
Pollinated a real nice 4 lober on the Geddes plant it was raining so hard I didn't take a picture I'll get one tonight. 2304 geddes x 1990 marintzer
Sunday, May 30 View Page
Well are we going to get 2 may pollinations??? https://youtu.be/p3fyjjzwMGw
Tuesday, June 1 View Page
Itís a three lober 1990 Marintzer x 2304 geddes
Tuesday, June 1 View Page
Itís a three lober 1990 Marintzer x 2304 geddes
Sunday, June 6 View Page
Pollinated the 2304 geddes x 1990 marintzer backup nice 4 lober.
Sunday, June 6 View Page
day 10 on the geddes and winner announced! https://youtu.be/YNEsOc7Eujw
Tuesday, June 8 View Page
Pollinated the 1990 Marintzer x 2304 Geddes back up this morning a real nice 4 lober
Sunday, June 13 View Page
Here's a look at the 2304 geddes x 1990 Marintzer after a good week of growing. https://youtu.be/GISROaXdtF0
Sunday, June 13 View Page
On day 10 of the 1990 Marintzer x 2304 geddes I wasn't happy so we removed the first pumpkin and now we are all in with the backup! https://youtu.be/GISROaXdtF0
Saturday, June 19 View Page
Geddes is on Dap 23 Marintzer is on it's 3rd pumpkin hopefully this is the one! https://youtu.be/yu6Drqg-YgU
Sunday, June 20 View Page
Time for another contest the Geddes is 24 days old your job is to tell us what it will weigh when it is 30 days old...hint it will be our smallest day 30 ever but it is growing great so fingers crossed it will be massive in the end! https://youtu.be/jCFhaYB15zY
Monday, June 28 View Page
2294.5 Noel x 2304 Geddes another 3 lober lets see how she does!
Tuesday, July 6 View Page
We are a bit late this week but it has been a fun week the Geddes and the Marintzer pumpkins are both moving! Now watch it grow really is fun! https://youtu.be/ULOljuVHqPA
Friday, July 16 View Page
The pumpkins keep getting bigger so now it is time for my kids' favorite video. Time to name the pumpkin! I think read every name to them 10 times while they try to make a decision on which name they should choose. Definitely making memories! https://youtu.be/HUF8uHyX2wE
Thursday, August 5 View Page
Well the plants aren't looking the best this year (grower error) But the pumpkins continue to grow can't ask for much more in Kansas! https://youtu.be/M3rNuTh_AfI
Monday, August 16 View Page
It's official we have a new name for the 2304 Geddes Pumpkin... It is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LE4J5JUKqaY
Wednesday, September 29 View Page
Well that is a wrap on the 2021 season...as far as I can tell we are still the King's of Kansas unless a big one gets weighed in this next couple of weeks! https://youtu.be/E71DCD6gPwQ Unfortunately we were only able to weigh 1 pumpkin this year (it's Kansas so one isn't bad...at least that is what I tell myself!) 1434 Marintzer 2304 geddes x 1990 Marintzer


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