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Saturday, April 17 View Page
And....we are off!!
Wednesday, April 21 View Page
Daletas 2469 is the first one up!
Saturday, April 24 View Page
First transplant. Root structure is great.
Wednesday, April 28 View Page
Something new this year and sort of an experiment. My patch has under 8 hours of sunlight this time of year. I added a panel of LED lights over the planting site and hung it from the canopy. Itís on a pulley and can be adjusted depending on the height of the plant. Donít worry about it falling. It has two safety straps just in case!
Wednesday, April 28 View Page
Hereís the frame for the light panel I built. Pretty Frankenstein-ish but I think itís going to work!!
Saturday, May 1 View Page
3 seedlings hit the patch today. They will fight it out for the right to be grown!
Wednesday, June 2 View Page
Plant is growing very well now. We are having near perfect weather. The main vine is just over 3 feet long. Fed liquid Azos today and a just a little sea greens.
Wednesday, June 2 View Page
Overnight growth was over 6Ē
Sunday, June 13 View Page
First female bud worth considering. She will land around 10 feet.
Wednesday, June 23 View Page
Pollination day. This one is at 12í. Woke up to zero male flowers!
Wednesday, June 23 View Page
Had to drive 2 hours in LA traffic to get flowers from Chris Dunnís patch. Thanks for rescuing me Chris!!
Wednesday, June 23 View Page
She is a beautiful 5 lobe with great symmetry!
Monday, June 28 View Page
Third pollination on the main. This one is at 15í. All three have been five lobes. This one is nice enough but I will grow the one at 12í if it takes. Itís a better flower and a better spot.
Friday, July 2 View Page
Trying the Paton Pot Method this year. The first pollination will be culled tomorrow in favor of the second fruit.
Sunday, July 4 View Page
Culled to one fruit today
Sunday, July 4 View Page
Placed the grow mat and plywood under the chosen one. Itís go time now!!
Thursday, July 8 View Page
Day 15. 22% gain in the past 24 hours.
Friday, July 9 View Page
Day 16 - first double digit gain.
Sunday, July 11 View Page
Day 18 Iíve got the smallest plant Iíve ever had behind the fruit. Maybe 200-225 square feet. I think the nitrogen was too low an combined with the cool spring the plant just seemed to grow slowly. Still, the fruit is showing decent daily gains and has potential to be a pb.
Monday, July 12 View Page
2nd tissue test back from Western Labs. They do a great job processing all the samples and I bet they are swamped. Anyway the low Mn is certainly a concern. I knew it was low from the first test and havenít done enough to bring it up. Working on that now along with the other red areas. Bad time to have these micronutrients so far off the mark.
Monday, July 19 View Page
Humming along at a decent, if not record-breaking pace. The plant tolerates the heat very well. Minor flagging is only in places where the plant isnít yet rooted in well. A personal best is still within reach so thatís good news!
Wednesday, July 28 View Page
Third tissue sample. Micronutrients dropped off even further. I have to get this fixed next year. Started the season without enough N and P. Pretty much explains how the growth hasnít been strong.
Thursday, August 12 View Page
Day 50 The growth has slowed to around 10 lbs per day. Weíve had some wicked heat and humidity. The plant is getting tired and is now in the shade almost as long as it is in the sunlight. Hopping it holds at this pace!
Sunday, August 22 View Page
Step 1 - attach an anchor point - to the foundation of the house.
Monday, August 23 View Page
Day 60- we had a a week of cool and mostly cloudy weather in the past 10 days. Rare for August thatís for sure. Growth picked up just a little. Personal best is still possible!
Wednesday, September 1 View Page
Day 70. Still growing at about 7 lbs per day. Plant is pretty shot. Still hopeful that this will be a personal best.
Friday, September 10 View Page
Day 79 - as per the usual, my pumpkin has stopped growing. It will have to go heavy to be a personal best. Itís got great genetics and feels solid so Iím still hopeful that will happen. 14 days until the weighoff!
Monday, September 27 View Page
A successful season for sure. 3rd place and an HDA, my second. 906 Donahue 1791 Werner x 2469 Daletas


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