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Sunday, February 14 View Page
Happy Valentine's. Our first snow fall of the season. And our first pumpkin of 2021!
Thursday, April 8 View Page
Fall rye cover crop is going for it.
Sunday, April 11 View Page
Cut and tilled in soil.
Sunday, April 11 View Page
Thanks for the tiller "rental" Richmond Dave
Thursday, April 15 View Page
Fresh horse manure in deep hole. Ideally plant here and the composting heat will keep it warm.
Thursday, April 15 View Page
This years line up. I will be shaving and soaking one about every 4 days to stagger the starts. 1 through 5, one being the seed of choice. Started with 1636 on the 10th. All ready in pot. 1969 today.
Sunday, April 18 View Page
Beautiful days here in Vancouver. 22 degrees. To the left of the red handed shovel is the hotbed. To the right of it are the heat mats. Putting them in the Central Area this year, to get the heat in the later part of the growing season up the main. I also shaved and soaked all seeds today. Some of them are cracked open because of the age and don't think they'll terminate
Tuesday, May 11 View Page
I was in North Van 'hood today and Jeff offered up a 1985 Miller start. So here it is, in the soil. One more to go in. Thanks Jeff
Tuesday, May 11 View Page
The roots are amazing. Dusted with myccrhizal. Planted above manure, heat should help through the nights. Watered with a tad of superthrive and kelp.
Sunday, June 13 View Page
It us just starting to run. 5' long and first female to arrive. Started to bury nodes.
Thursday, July 1 View Page
Pollinated 2nd one about 10' out. Not the healthiest looking female. There are more to come.
Wednesday, July 7 View Page
Pollinated this 5 lober in the am. First female that appears normal and not deformed. The previous 2 females did not take. Fingers crossed for this one to stick and even more so that the wild fire smoke stays outta the valley.
Monday, July 19 View Page
Majority of the females are long, spaghetti squash like. I have comfort in knowing the progeny of this seed.
Thursday, July 29 View Page
22 Dap. Circumference 73", 178 OTT. 131lbs! Just returned from 8 day holiday, and am ecstatic to see it this big.
Friday, August 20 View Page
A little help with the PM spray from my eldest. On PB track. Est. 501lbs aug 19.
Thursday, September 30 View Page
Loaded. I am super happy with out come this year, especially considering this was perhaps the least amount of hours invested. Sad that there was 0 salad left. Pumped for the weigh off this Sat.


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