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Thursday, April 8 View Page
Iím going to try and keep a good diary this year. Here are the three main seeds Iíll be starting. I won the 1911 Urena from Mark Clementz on a seed giveaway he was doing on the World Wide Giant Growers YouTube channel. Thanks Mark! Iím excited to grow it this year.
Saturday, April 24 View Page
I got 5/5 on germination this year. I started on April 20th. These are my two best plants, 1911 Urena on the left and 1959 Daletas on the right. The 1911 Urenas roots were very good but they didnít compare to the amount of roots the 1959 had when transplanting.
Sunday, April 25 View Page
1911 Urena on the right 1959 on the left. The 1911 was the smallest of my 5 yesterday and now is the biggest. Plants have been up for 2 days
Thursday, April 29 View Page
The 1911 Urenas getting huge. By far the fastest plant Iíve ever had. It already has roots coming out the bottom of every hole in the 2.5 gallon pot. I started the seed 9 days ago
Monday, May 3 View Page
1911 getting big!! 10 days out of the ground
Thursday, May 6 View Page
Hereís a comparison between my 1911 left and 1959 right. They were started the same day and the 1911 is almost double the size. Both plants are growing great their happy and healthy and short and stocky.
Friday, May 7 View Page
1911 going good about 10 days ahead of last years and it was started 5 days later
Monday, May 10 View Page
1911 Urena getting huge. Iím hoping to get it outside early next week the grounds warm enough but itís still too wet to till which sucks because if it was a little drier this would already be in the garden. I had to up pot it from a 2.5 gallon to a 5 gallon pot and thereís already roots coming out the bottom
Thursday, May 13 View Page
1911 Urena is a monster. It was started April 20th and is huge. I gave it itís last watering today before it goes out into the garden early next week. I gave it a tiny dose of silica and amino acids about 70 ppm of each.
Monday, May 17 View Page
1911 urena is a monster I transplanted it yesterday and it already grew a couple inches. The 1959 is growing great too
Wednesday, May 19 View Page
The 1911 is doing great itís done 3 inches in the past 12 hours. It definitely likes the garden soil.
Sunday, May 23 View Page
A section of the long skinny parts coming out of the flowers are yellow on all my flowers like this one. Is this a deficiency?
Wednesday, May 26 View Page
1911 urena a little more than 45 inches long. Started April 20th
Sunday, May 30 View Page
Hereís a photo of the hut I have to make every night for my plants because of the cold. Itís been getting bellow 40 degrees at night for the past couple days and my parents donít let me run any electricity into my garden. So I built a PVC frame with my dad that I put over the pumpkin every night and than wrap in blankets. Than I take gallons and buckets of steaming water and place them under the blankets with the plant. The hot water warms the area keeping it above 60 degrees even if it gets below 40. The plant continues to grow a couple inches a day even with this freezing and super cloudy rainy weather. Once the sun and warmth comes back the plant should kick right back into gear and start running again with no hesitation.
Sunday, May 30 View Page
Hereís a picture of the plant I took the picture about 5 days ago and the plant is over 5 feet long now
Wednesday, June 2 View Page
Pumpkins doing great grew 10 inches today and is over 7ft long which is huge compared to my plant last year. The secondaries are just starting to put out leaves so Iím really hoping they kick in soon. Iíll probably give the plant a little urea tomorrow to help the sidevines pop
Saturday, June 5 View Page
Hereís an example of the leaves. They only look like this at the top of the plant not the bottom. Iíve tried foliar spraying Epsom but it hasnít helped so I think it might be something else
Tuesday, June 8 View Page
Hereís a picture of the plant about 11 feet long. The secondaries are taking off now and doing good (theyíre hard to see in the picture) I have to go away for the week but I got my dad to take care of it hopefully he wonít have to do anything except maybe water. I can see a female flower in the very tip that will have 22 secondaries behind it and will land in the perfect spot. Iím really hoping it will take 15-20 days for it to open so that the secondaries have time to fill in before the stress of the pumpkin comes. Itís going to suck that the vines wonít be buried until I come back but thereís nothing I can do about.
Wednesday, June 16 View Page
I made the mistake of ripping off a tendril with my hands right next to the pumpkin that I want to keep. It went a little deeper than I thought. Will this affect the pumpkin? Should I wait for the next one? Thereís also a mark on the other side of the vine from a stick rubbing against it. Will any of this affect the pumpkin growth?
Monday, June 21 View Page
Pollination Day. 1911xSelf biggest plant Iíve ever pollinated on by far. It seems like this will be the first year I fill up my entire space if all goes well. Last year When I grew my 1124 only about half the space was filled
Monday, June 21 View Page
Just to help me keep track it was a 4 lober
Saturday, June 26 View Page
1911 urena dap 5 doing good Iím not to worried about size Iím more worried about getting my plant to fill in its area which I think might happen for the first time ever this year itís definitely growing nicely it gets noticeably bigger every day
Monday, June 28 View Page
1911 Urena growing fast
Monday, June 28 View Page
Hereís the pumpkin DAP 7 1911x self growing good Iím excited about this one
Thursday, July 1 View Page
1911 urena 10 dap Itís definitely the nicest looking 10 dap pumpkin Iíve ever had.
Thursday, July 1 View Page
Hereís another photo I just realized I took these photos up and down instead of sideways so theyíll probably be sideways I. The diary
Sunday, July 25 View Page
My pumpkin this year is being super frustrating. The plant is huge compared to my one last year and much healthier Iíve done a ton of stuff different but the pumpkin at day 34 is still smaller. Iím guessing a lot of it is because of the rain so I havenít fertilized in 3 weeks because my gardens a puddle.
Sunday, August 8 View Page
Getting bigger
Friday, August 13 View Page
Getting bigger


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