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Sunday, January 17 View Page
New tiller new dirt fever kicking in....lol
Monday, January 18 View Page
When you have large pecan trees close to your patch and they drive you allergies crazy and you have to listen to your wife say no tilling today make you a little sad especially when you look out the window at you patch going to till tomorrow even if I have to put cotton balls in my nose....lmbo
Sunday, January 24 View Page
Early tomatos starting to germ and almost got the patch turned just got to add amendments to it plans this year is 2 bushel gourds 1 pumpkin 2 cantaloups and 12 or more tomatoes as giants go son is growing 2 giant squash in his patch should be Lord willing a good year
Thursday, January 28 View Page
Been trying to till in the patch all week but work has got me tired...lol....lord willing I get more done Saturday just thankful my boss let's me work overtime every week still planning on 2 gourds a pumpkin a few cantaloups and tomatoes I got a feeling this is going to be a great year of growing for everyone and will get more pics up as soon as I can the dirt I have here is 1000 times better than what I use to have thank you Jesus
Thursday, January 28 View Page
The patch princess watching t.v with her daddy sorry dog..lol
Monday, February 8 View Page
Well got the patch turned once will get pics soon will try and turn it again in a few days and add amendments hope everyone is doing good stay warm all
Wednesday, February 10 View Page
Turned new patch one way NOW going the other way to mix it better and will till the opposite way again when amendments are soon added I love this new dirt hopefully it will show me a little love back this year
Saturday, February 13 View Page
Given the tomatoes some real light might be rainy outside but real light always is best
Saturday, February 13 View Page
Seed lineup this year here with hopes and prays all grows well Pumpkin 1857.5 Daletas 1911 urena x 2624.6 willenjns Back up is the 550 Wallace 1911 Urena x 1733 wallace Only growing one this year to make room for other plants will self the one that wins the spot Bushel gourds 470.5 Connolly and a 363.3 Barron plan on crossing both ways Cantaloups 71.6 English x2. 66.9 Bright x2 65.90 Vester x1 and the 61.7 Lindley x1 for 6 total plants back ups still being decided As tomatos go got some coming up now a few big zacs a few Domingos and a few Big Marley Cross ones going to be putting in atlest 15 total and a few for the 5 gallon bucket challenge.....lol....them seeds are on the way. Lord willing all goes well going to be a fun challenging season this year
Wednesday, February 17 View Page
Tomatoes coming along going into one gallon pots this weekend
Wednesday, March 3 View Page
Tomatoes coming along nicely
Wednesday, March 3 View Page
Me this week at work.....lol
Wednesday, March 3 View Page
O so very ready
Sunday, March 7 View Page
Her needed a nap after helping me in the patch and barking at the neighbors.....lol
Monday, March 15 View Page
11 tomatoe plants are now in the ground ....oooooo....yeah......baby let the fun being
Tuesday, March 16 View Page
A pic of a few tomatoes
Tuesday, March 16 View Page
Some cantaloups I started for some I work with mine are in their happy pots growing good 2 of the world record thanks Doug for the chance to grow them 2 of the 66.9 brights a few 65.9 vester and a few lindly ones
Tuesday, March 16 View Page
Scored 3 tots from work to keep water in 2 that are 330 gallon and one at 275 gallon going to plumb them together after I clean them very very well cause of what we have in them but atlest I have a way to collect rain in them also
Sunday, March 21 View Page
Cantaloups coming along good going outside this coming week
Sunday, March 21 View Page
Hopefully I do them justice
Sunday, March 21 View Page
Just started some 3.3 demars tomatos seeds for the 5 gallon challenge fingers crossed
Wednesday, March 31 View Page
I pray it sets it's the biggest bloom I have ever had its a Domingo
Wednesday, March 31 View Page
Wife's lemon tree I started from a seed


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