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Friday, July 23 View Page
This is my 1552 Young plant. It looks beautiful, is DAP 25, and adding 30 pounds a day. It has a number of secondaries (4 on one side, and 2 on the other) that have some weird splitting and swelling happening. I will try to detail this below.
Friday, July 23 View Page
1552 Young is 221 inches OTT for a total of about 250 lbs on DAP 25.
Saturday, July 24 View Page
Today I noticed this weirdness happening on the vines next to the stump. These are splits in the vine, with some odd puffiness coming out. Itís not foaming, because it isnít wet. Itís almost totally dry, and you canít scrape it away, because itís a solid part of the vine. The only way to remove it is to cut it with a sharp knife. Itís a solid material.
Saturday, July 24 View Page
Another spot. I probably have this in 15 or places across the older vine. Older vines only. There is no leaf wilt. They look healthy. And the pumpkin is adding 30 pounds a day.
Saturday, July 24 View Page
I think it starts with a dry split in the vine, like this.
Saturday, July 24 View Page
Then thisÖ
Saturday, July 24 View Page
Then this. Again, totally solid. A part of the vine. No gross wet foam thatís indicative of a borer.
Saturday, July 24 View Page
All that said, I did see this borer in that area of the patch today and I know theyíre out there. I spray imadclorapid weekly with Tal Star. The plant should kill them if itís borers. Anybody have ideas of what Iím dealing with?
Saturday, July 24 View Page
Problem solved everyone. Itís SVB. Off to cut, extract, peroxide, and Captan. And spray like crazy. Huge Lesson: just because you systemic and topical spray doesnít mean you canít get SVB. And also, be vigilant ó this damage wasnít there 48 hours ago. Also ó there was no saw dust, or foam, or even wetness. It was dry and firm to the touch. Weird, but there it is. Thank you for your help and consideration!


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