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Sunday, April 25 View Page
Sprouted 7 seedlings. The left 4 pots were seeds purchased from a 1050lb pumpkin, and the right two pots were commercially available Atlantic Giant Pumpkin seeds. Noticing the 1050 seedlings are flopping over now, exactly 1 week since sprouting. Grown under a ~$25 home depot grow light kept ~6-8in above the top of the leaves and moved up as they've grown. Did these get too leggy to succeed?? Help!
Sunday, April 25 View Page
Additional photos of floppy seedlings propped up
Sunday, May 16 View Page
Noticed this awful white spotting on my lead vine this morning. Planted outdoors appx 1 week ago, scared this is powdery mildew already??
Sunday, May 16 View Page
And noticed some smaller white spots on my second plant too - help! Is this powdery mildew? I spritzed them with some Bonide sulfur spray before snapping this pic (the only fugicide at the store that said it treated powdery mildew), which is giving the hazy white spots all over the leaf.
Monday, July 12 View Page
Amy Vinehouse showing significant leaf issues after 1 week of 95+ degrees and 2 straight weeks of torrential rains. We got 17 inches of rain in just 12 days. :( Not sure what is even wrong or how to fix at this point! All of the growing tips appear to be dead or dying, no new growth on the vines for at least 2 weeks now.
Monday, July 12 View Page
Large Marge is also showing significant signs of stress after the heat wave followed by 2 weeks of constant rain. It's possible the leaves on the right were splashed with a high-nitrogen miracle gro liquid solution, not sure but that's usually where I water her main root ball. The vine slowed growth for the last 2 weeks, including a softball sized pumpkin that isn't growing... but just the past couple of days I'm noticing signs of growth in the main vine and one secondary vine. I don't know how to help her pull through!
Monday, July 12 View Page
Example of a growing tip (sorry it's muddy and wet.... it hasn't stopped raining for 2 weeks here). They all look like this. Yellowed up, and I've noticed in particular any tiny female buds turn yellow or brown especially. On most of the secondary vines the flowers have bloomed right up to the growing tip, so it's clearly been awhile since the tips have extended. Any hope to stimulate these vines back into growth??
Monday, July 12 View Page
Closeup of one of the worst leaves on Amy Vinehouse. This is one of the older leaves near the main root ball. The yellowing and browning on the margins originally looked like sunscald last week but are getting progressively worse with all this rain. I'm worried it's mildew related, but not sure how to treat for mildew or fungus when it wont stop raining to apply fungicides. Still a whole week of rain in the forecast too :(
Monday, July 12 View Page
My largest pumpkin, on Amy Vinehouse. Currently 18 days past pollination, and only measuring 75 inches OTT. The growth was rapid until the endless rain began, now feeling a little bummed to see the growth stall for a few days. I hope the rain stops soon.
Wednesday, July 14 View Page
Today I noticed a split on Amy Vinehouse, about 1 inch long just below the stem. It doesn't seem like it went all the way through. :(
Wednesday, July 14 View Page
Amy Vinehouse also has a weird bruise-colored spot on the side of the pumpkin. It's smooth across the surface (not pitted), and doesn't feel like a soft spot. I dont know though, with all the issues lately with this vine and the slowed growth (only +2 inches OTT total in the last 2 days), it seems like this pumpkin is on the outs already. Bummer.
Saturday, July 17 View Page
Today I noticed the blossom end of Amy Vinehouse's pumpkin is looking wrinkled. Pressed gently and it seems there is more "give" in the area, like its getting soft inside. :( All the rain over the last 3 weeks maybe caused a calcium deficiency? Just washed all the good stuff right out of the soil. Rollercoaster couple of weeks, with the vines drowning, discovering squash vine borers in both vines, and now my only pumpkin looks like she's rotting away. At least she's made it to OTT 87 inches, estimating at 20lb. My goal as a first timer was 100lb, so hope I will get another pumpkin to set and grow for a second chance!


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