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Sunday, February 28, 2021 LJ South Dakota

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Broke down and purchased a seasonal greenhouse. 10x20 ft. I've wanted one for a long time. I will be using it to grow the watermelon. When it gets summer, I will pull the cover and leave the frame to makeshift into a trellis so the watermelon vines can climb up one side, and the marrow and cantaloupe will share the trellis on the other side. Shade fabric can easily be added if needed.

I purchased 33 lbs of coco coir that I will expand and add to the watermelon patch. Should be the equivalent to 1/2 in deep. Will add an additional 1/2 inch of composted manure and work in. I will also be adding humic , myco, kelp, worm casting, alfalfa pellets, and leaf litter. Worm casting tea will be used religiously. I have my own worm farm, African nightcrawlers.

I will run my drip lines over the top of the soil, then cover the whole patch with cheap landscape fabric, then cover the fabric with straw blanket. Sounds like a good setup, hope it works good.

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