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Wednesday, March 24, 2021 LJ South Dakota

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Here is a shot of my patch. The worked area, I added 1/2 inch of Coir, 1/4 inch of composted manure, and 1/4 inch of compost, then turned it over with a potato fork. I have some more amendments to add in the next few days, then will shallow till with the Mantis. This is where the greenhouse will be erected. The area with the leaf liter covering the surface will be a giant cantaloupe, and the remainder is yet to be decided. I will cover that area with leaf litter too.
Amendments yet to be applied include: 20 lbs humic, 25 lbs kelp, 5 gallons worm castings, 25 lbs alfalfa pellets, and 2 lbs myco. I will use some ammonium sulfate at test recommended rate and balance out the N with urea. I have the boron and manganese on hand and will slurry and apply in a gallon of water over the entire patch. A little triple super phosphate and of course elemental S will also be added. Going with a landscape fabric and straw blanket as an artificial mulch. Drip lines will be put down under the mulch before covering.

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