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Friday, September 10, 2021 Jordan A. Diary Kelowna, British Columbia

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I had to remove about 1/4th of the 1885's plant because of vine and leaf stalk rot. I did a sweep of the whole plant and checked every leaf stalk the other day. There was so much rot that you'd think that the plant had a specific named disease but I think that it's just regular plain old bacteria that thrived because of several mistakes that I made which I'll detail below.

-I gave the plants way too much nitrogen which caused bumpy, structurally weak, and excessively tall leaf stalks.
-The nitrogen also caused excessive tertiary growth which I found difficult to remove because I didn't put enough walking boards in the patch and didn't want to trample through the plant to reach them.
-I didn't realize that some parts of the patch that the 1885 is growing in holds water much better than the other half that the 1542 is in and ended up over saturating the soil. The patch is slightly sloped and right beside a swampy area which I think affected it somehow.

So what I think happened is the tertiary vines climbed on top of the preexisting canopy and crushed some of the weak leaf stalks which then laid below the canopy on overly wet soil and humid air and then rotted which then spread to the vines.

I removed all of the rot and unwanted tertiary growth, and put fans on vines that I think can be saved. I think the plant will pull through. I checked the 1542's whole plant as well but only found a couple of rotten leaf stalks that hadn't yet spread to the vines. Otherwise it was healthy.
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