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Subject:  Unbeilievable News of Hard Facts

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" Buttergate"

You had better check into this. It will affect you.

2/25/2021 1:53:27 PM

andy W

Western NY

Thanks, I learned something new today. Although, it took some digging to try to see why this wasn't already a US thing, and I'm not really sure that was a great explanation.

2/25/2021 5:43:49 PM

Gritty's garden

Cold Dirt

The real conspiracy will be when the trans fat goes up after they switch to canola...
There is a bacon-gate too. They feed pigs hydrogenated oils to make the bacon firm. We Americans wouldnt want floppy, healthy-fat bacon... The pork industry figured this out many, many decades ago. Humans are definitely the cleverest species. Not sure we are the smartest, however.

2/26/2021 6:42:14 AM


I noticed this past summer that there was very few times my butter got really soft in the cupboard but never dreamt of something like that. Bakers noticed that because of the recipes calling for softened butter and one started experimenting. Turns out these people were right in their hunches and because of how it gets into the butter it does not show up as an ingredient.

2/26/2021 3:07:30 PM

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