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Subject:  Pepper, vinegar, and oil.

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Gritty's garden

Cold Dirt


Who should have moral authority?

Science says caffeine and cocaine are arguably the same. But the government says one deserves five years in jail and the other deserves removing five bucks from your wallet. The science here is unimportant.

Also, a baby can hear and feel in the womb. Science says so. Would you be ok with torturing a fetus? Doing medical experiments on it? The blind beggar living under a bridge is in an equally helpless situation. Should he or she be "aborted" too? Every moral authority would say "no" and governments despite waging wars and maiming healthy people do support people with disabilities... But maybe the heartless science of Darwin would say yes. Who deserves the authority to answer these questions.

Science and religion don't always get along. Science and politics (government) certainly dont get along. And governments and religion never get along.

So there are lots of authorities in our lives, but admittedly they can come up short.

Pepper, vinegar, and oil... they dont mix well and are gross if you have too much of one or the other, but if you can make them into salad dressing that tastes good, then go for it.


3/3/2021 5:03:36 PM

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