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Subject:  I am a Neanderthal

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Gritty's garden

Cold Dirt

Biden is a Bigot for insulting my anscestors. Doesnt he know we are ALL 3% Neanderthal?

Heck I might be more Neanderthal than black or Asian. Finally I know what race to put down when the feds want to know if I am a minority!

3/4/2021 8:23:41 AM


Susquehanna Pa

Were Neanderthals created in God’s image?

3/4/2021 8:33:52 PM

North Shore Boyz

Mill Bay, British Columbia

Why Roger why?? We’ve all been so good ignoring the ranting and disturbed ramblings coming out of Lewis County.

You had to poke the bear.

3/4/2021 8:59:21 PM


Pumpkin Zone

Good question roger :) Yes Northshore is correct you should let sleeping bears hibernate...

3/4/2021 10:03:20 PM

North Shore Boyz

Mill Bay, British Columbia

Let’s open up the evolution debate with the logical thinking Gritty.

Nah, maybe not bother he seems to dismiss science as proof of anything.

3/4/2021 11:05:18 PM


Pumpkin Zone

When have I ever dismissed science? False accusation.

Biden can no longer say he has never used the N word...

I think it's a great question that roger80 asked. I dont have an answer.

I do wonder if Neanderthals were visually skilled and more adept at hand signals and this would eventually lead to a different symbolic communication via written language. I wonder if some of our reading (symbollic visual communication) skill came from Neanderthals. I have a hunch that some of it did.
As far as we know written language didnt originate within "homo sapiens" it actually got started AFTER the two groups mixed... Neanderthals brains were larger and their diets may have favored neural density.
So it's possible we actually picked up genes favoring a bit more processing power.
Interesting, huh.

3/5/2021 7:39:23 AM

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