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Subject:  "Garden Rebels" article

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Funny coincidence of name.

I wonder if we have a moral obligation to just teach people basic survival... like how to grow fruits and vegetables?

Maybe it's time for a mini rant.
The schools & media nowadays will teach kids how to BE perfect fruits or vegetables. My guess is the education quality is now half what it was when I went to school 25+ years ago.
I hope that's not the case but I dont see much emphasis on brains anywhere these days.

3/27/2021 3:49:19 AM



Is anyone else struggling with a sort of collective brain rot permeating their entire lives?
It really seems to me like there is an all out assault on the prefrontal cortex these days. But I might be seeing the inside of my own dull cow eyes, idk.

Well whaddya know, speaking of the golden calf, its analogous story time... A cow hangs itself on a meat hook. Some of the cows would say, "look at it's the stupidest cow ever!" But the smartest cows ould say, "That cow was a genius, because he just communicated our entire lives to us. In the only way we would ever understand!"

Well, if that didnt squeeze your udders then call me beef jerky. Next up: Drag Queen Bee Story Hour: a Tale of Two Hives.

3/27/2021 4:35:12 AM



What am I smoking... lol.

3/27/2021 4:39:04 AM


You still have to get it together. Your three posts should have been one. Come on Gritty, you can do better than that.

3/27/2021 7:52:51 AM



Tripping on something and it wasnt the steps of Air Force One. I am an idiot & my brain is mush. Hopefully you all are doing better than me... if I say it was some bad Chinese food are you gonna call me racist?

3/27/2021 9:45:56 AM

Smallmouth (Team Ozark)


Triple post all you want, who cares. It's an art that seems to push buttons.

3/27/2021 9:59:32 AM


central Nc

If you want to drive yourself insane try to convince the indigent that they can grow their own food. My grandparents did it, along with most poor people of their time. Since then, the combination of government support, cheap fast food, and a general laziness have forever changed us. At one point I tried to work with the local schools to start a gardening education. Not even a curriculum, just me digging out a garden and talking about it. I even gave plants out in the community. Im not in an urban area and around here trailer park lots are damn near as big as my yard so land isn't an excuse. I guess if my wic card came loaded every month I'd think differently. Oh well. I'm strictly a dog person now.

3/27/2021 11:13:48 AM



Uncanny. No clue who he is but I think he is a good guy.

3/27/2021 12:40:05 PM


Goodbye Gritty, I just turned you off. Thank you Dan for setting this up so I could.

3/28/2021 8:21:28 AM

Garden Rebel (Team Rebel Rousers)

Lebanon, Oregon

You stopped me in my tracks Gritty. I’m thinking back what article I wrote.

3/28/2021 10:52:08 AM



Too much poor communication on my part, admittedly. My bad.

I'll have to work on this.

3/28/2021 7:18:54 PM


Vancouver Washington

Wolfpack, I really liked your post. Did you ever hear that one about, the more people I meet, the more I like my dog? I like that other old saying, teach a man to fish. The government is teaching us and our kids how to be lazy. I used to hate it when I was a kid getting up early to go pick beans or strawberries or rasberries. Didn't realize at the time how much I was learning. Now child labor laws prevent this. I just heard of a community in Calf.that is giving 500.00 dollars a month for 18 months to families that are in need, but you have to be black. How insulting to black people.

3/30/2021 10:12:55 AM

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