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Subject:  Banned from FB

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Upper Strasburg, PA

Okay… I need to hear your most ridiculous FB ban stories. I’m currently serving 30 days for sharing a screenshot of a post being banned. The post was from last November, was flagged, then the ban was overturned when I appealed it. After the ban was lifted, I shared a screenshot of the notification of the post being banned. The screenshot of the ban of the original post - a ban that was overturned - resulted in a 30 day ban. The original post was banned under the community standards against nudity and sexual activity. The post featured neither nudity nor sexual activity. It was a meme of “The Human Centipede” as a Reese’s peanut butter cup commercial. “There’s no wrong way to eat a Reese’s.”

8/18/2021 5:17:41 PM


Barrington N.S. Canada

TruckinPunkin guess you found the wrong way to eat it.

8/18/2021 5:59:16 PM



Ha ha. It's all AI bots that do the banning right... but the appeal probably goes to a brow beaten human-bot.

8/18/2021 6:12:09 PM


Upper Strasburg, PA

I like to think that I’m helping the economy by keeping some 23 year old employed in the business of reviewing content

8/18/2021 9:18:33 PM



Does technology steal from our humanity/dignity... or empower it? Just depends whose in control of it I guess.

8/18/2021 10:33:33 PM


South Bloomfield, Ohio

I bailed on Facebook after the 2020 sham election. I just couldn't be a hypocrite and continue to contribute to the bottom line of someone who lies to, manipulates, and censors me.

8/18/2021 11:40:09 PM



They are not a free speech platform that's for sure.

8/19/2021 1:11:43 AM

Jane & Phil

Ontario, Canada

Get use to it. FB will get all their sheep (I mean customers) trained to think the way they want you to, if you want to continue to use their service.

8/20/2021 2:26:02 PM

Tennessee Dreamer

Malabon City, Manila, The Philippines

I was banned from Facebook for supporting the theory the CCP virus escaped from the Chinese lab that was partly supported by Anthony Fauci directed research money from Uncle Sam ( our taxpayer dollars). The truth will set us free and is something I will always be seeking after.

8/25/2021 5:46:52 AM

Spudley (Scott)


Facebook isn't the only social media platform out there. Move on! You won't be missed and you won't miss it.

8/25/2021 3:07:08 PM

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