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Subject:  Dictatorship

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Susquehanna Pa

The Party of Trump dictates the GOP. It is so obvious! nobody can deny!

8/19/2021 8:40:17 PM


Susquehanna Pa

Nobody in their right mind that is

8/19/2021 8:46:11 PM

Jane & Phil

Ontario, Canada

Trump lives in your head. See a Dr. about that ASAP.

8/20/2021 2:28:47 PM



There is one wrath beyond a woman scorned... its that of the Trump-fearful democrat.

8/20/2021 5:41:34 PM


Upper Strasburg, PA

Stop smoking crack.

8/20/2021 8:54:12 PM

Smallmouth (Team Ozark)


lol, still obsessed with Trump. He’s your master if all you can do is think about him months later. He owns you.

8/21/2021 2:21:24 PM



Dont take it personally roger. A lot of us would be with you in opposition to a dictator. The issue we are opposed to is the democrats have been crying wolf over and over and they just seem to enjoy crying wolf.

The villagers get tired of this. Its fake news. And old news... check out my slightly humorous post & slightly inappropriate post about this exact topic:


The point is, if you're just selling collective fear you're a democrat (trump did some fear mongering too sometimes, unfortunately) but if youre actually selling liberty youre a libertarian. Collective fear mongering is an enemy of liberty.
The USA is supposed to be a brave and lawful country where we are safe from fear mongering. I'll leave it at that.

8/21/2021 3:36:02 PM


Susquehanna Pa

Trump doesn’t own me he owns you people and the GOP. I was registered as Republican for years. Believe me that’s not bullshit! It’s sad to see these politicians suck up to him for one reason only to get ahead.

8/21/2021 7:25:53 PM



There are lifelong democrats not happy with some of the current politics, too.

8/21/2021 7:51:06 PM


Susquehanna Pa

No doubt about about that. They have no clue the $300 boost to unemployment benefit was ridiculous. Most politicians have no clue what it takes to earn a living because they were born under the right star. Not me I busted my butt just to survive.

8/21/2021 8:45:46 PM

Smallmouth (Team Ozark)


Many of us work hard, Roger. And I haven't thought about Trump since I voted for him and he lost a few days later. I immediately moved forward looking to the future and best way to invest in that.

To quote Jimmy Buffett:

Oh yesterday's over my shoulder
So I can't look back for too long,
There's just too much to see waiting in front of me
And I know that I just can't go wrong

8/21/2021 10:20:44 PM



Trumps a big boy. He can survive on his own without my love and support.

...And that's part of what I like about him lol.

8/22/2021 8:15:29 AM


South Bloomfield, Ohio

For decades, conservatives like myself have been voting for Republicans and largely ended up with RINOs. Enter Donald John Trump, who finally gave us the candidate we've been seeking all that time.

Since his presidency, we've been shown just how corrupt both political parties have been for so long and how skewed the major "news" organizations are. We've had to learn to dig deep for the truth, finding that the Democrat party has no limit to how low they will go to retain power, unable to get a defining message of their own across based on its own merit.

President Trump empowered people like me to fight back on all levels, no matter how small the battle or seemingly miniscule my contribution. He showed us that, in order to defeat radical liberalism, we have to have candidates who will stick together as well as the Democrats do.

The purge of RINOs and never-Trumpers continues in earnest, with the likes of Mitt Romney and Liz Cheney being censured by the Republican committees in their own states. Ohio Republican governor Mike DeWine will find it very difficult to survive a primary challenge and John Kasich has long since been rejected in his home state as well.

We chose Trump's pick of Mike Carey in OH-15 to succeed outgoiong quitter, RINO, and never-Trumper Steve Stivers, whose pick to succeed him failed miserably. He was also the Ohio Republican party pick to win.

We're fed up with establishment types and, yes, Trump does indeed rule the GOP. Trump may not be eloquent in his delivery, but his message rings loud and true.

8/22/2021 11:37:41 AM


South Bloomfield, Ohio

I might add as well that we've discovered just how politicized and weaponized our once most trusted institutions have become. We can trust no one anymore.

8/22/2021 11:42:33 AM

Spudley (Scott)


Do you still milk feed your pumpkins?

8/22/2021 12:52:34 PM



As mentioned Trump is old news and done.I'd spend my time worrying about this Biden Fellow.

8/22/2021 12:57:27 PM



It only took a little over 6 months to prove Biden is nuts
and senile; He left all those Americans to fend for them selves in Afgan; and he left all the Artillery there for the taliban to use against us

8/22/2021 2:32:53 PM


Upper Strasburg, PA

If we’re going to talk about dictatorship as a reality, we should look at the scale of the censorship operation and disinformation campaigns that were launched by big tech and mainstream media to prop up the Biden campaign. If we’re going to talk about the rule of law and election integrity, we should talk about those services rendered being subject to campaign finance law.

8/22/2021 3:07:03 PM



Dont forget to wear your face hijab to the supermarket here in the U.S.

Scroll down to the political cartoon and then everything makes sense:


Democrats, do you have any control over Biden or the Democrat party agenda? Likewise, did regular Americans control the agenda under George Bush?

Money is the real dictator it would seem.

Connect the dots... I think the Saudis agreed to finance 3 trillion dollars worth of Democrat infrastructure spending in return for the outright sale of Afghanistan?

8/22/2021 3:31:12 PM

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