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Subject:  Fake pandemic, real tyranny

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Theres nothing to even discuss... It's their way forward or no way forward. Even if the vaccines fail to work against the new variants (of the common cold?)... they are still 100% confident that somehow our complete social submission will cure the non-pandemic.

Not saying it's fake because that would offend some of you, but I gotta say that fake problems are conveniently hard to fix.

I guess since virtually no one in Africa has gotten the vaccine they must be hiding piles of dead bodies behind their flooded hospitals.

Keep on believing!!!

8/22/2021 8:39:27 AM



The wolves are going to pick us sheep off one at a time. Eventually everyone will be vaccined except you, then it will be your turn. If the military cant say no to forced vaccination... do you think you will be able to say no? What are you going to do when they fine you $100 a day just for breathing... You're gonna be f'd. The time to stand up is now? For Gods sake friends start by standing up for your children!

The people in power are not caring people they are psychopaths. You'll regret not standing up for yourself and your kids.

You will not regret standing up for yourself and your kids.

8/24/2021 1:25:55 AM



Pretty sure I'm gonna get the boot from bp. (Deservedly so.)


8/24/2021 1:49:17 AM



My friend's son has a common cold. He tested positive for covid. The nurse said the test doesn't distinguish between the two.

The obvious consequence will be this: media hype all winter long about an explosion of positive tests in children, and wacko draconian fear mongering. Covid=common cold. Calm down.

Realize these people dont know right from wrong, up from down... all they know is they need to buy dog food or cat food next month. Or, they are sociopaths. Lots of lures in the water... stay in the water... dont get hooked. Your fellow humans are being clever predators. They're not really being human...

9/14/2021 9:02:20 PM

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