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Subject:  Afghan War: A Glowing Success

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Upper Strasburg, PA

Defense contractor stocks outperformed the rest of the market by 58% through the 20 year duration of the war.


8/22/2021 6:12:33 PM

Spudley (Scott)


Yep it was nothing more than a jobs program for the Afghan people and the military industrial complex. Let's use our resources here at home and quit calling it socialism.

8/24/2021 2:49:59 PM


Upper Strasburg, PA

You know, Spud. You might be on to something there. It’s a real shame that in a time when Americans are so divided, the one thing that seems to be leading us toward finding some common ground is watching the culmination of this 20 year debacle unfolding. It has to be appalling to anyone of good conscience. It might be argued that I am not even a person of good conscience, but only of kind of okay conscience, and it’s absolutely appalling to me.

8/25/2021 4:18:26 PM

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