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Subject:  What it's like to be a kid...

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I'm not saying this story doesnt have that tone of right-wing pitiful aggrandizement of woe.

But for some kids, school really may be quite un-fun and unnatural nowadays.

I cant imagine having to wear a mask to kindergarten. Can you? I dont think my boy will like it. I'd rather have him spread germs.

Will they be doing hand sanitizing too or just this unhealthy mask wearing?

You dont want to know where my kids stick their hands lol...

I think this is about subjugation and humiliation... which is why no one will be keeping hands and surfaces germ free.

8/25/2021 2:15:27 PM



Like I said--tainted with excessive woe--but here it is:


8/25/2021 2:16:47 PM

Smallmouth (Team Ozark)


My boys play baseball, soccer and wrestle all through the year with kids 3 hours away in Tennessee not wearing masks, but they are required to while in school. A county over, kids don’t wear masks at all. We need to get it figured out soon. The last thing I want is some “variant” that affects kids. I’m just stating our current rules and not my opinion.

8/26/2021 9:06:21 AM



When they say "coronavirus variant" realize that the common cold is a coronavirus. That's a fact!

And fear-mongering aside, it's in the best interest of viruses/parasites/pathogens to spread. Killing your host doesnt optimize your ability to spread. So most things evolve to be more contagious and less harmful.
I dont mind if schools want to go to war against the common cold. But they need to do so with more hand washing and less fear mongering.

8/26/2021 1:18:37 PM



Education would reduce the fear mongering. But big pharma/media thinks the only way to sell something is via fear.

Theres two kinds of people right now, those who are ignorant and caring and being taken advantage of, those who are making money.

I think smart honest people have been completely sidelined... by those who are fearful and those who are making a buck or two off that fear.

8/26/2021 1:24:56 PM

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