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Subject:  9-11 Anniversary- what are you doing?

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Andy H

Brooklyn Corner, Nova Scotia

I don’t like this board, I find it devisive and pits one person against another.
So, how did you spend this day? As a first response, it breaks my heart watching the FDNY responding to an impossible situation. Spent a few hours watching news and docs of 9-11.
So, what did the Donald do? He gave commentary for a fight at a Florida casino. Is that what a leader does? If that is ok with you, then keep the faith. Maybe he had rally like events that I don’t know about, if so I take it all back. Or maybe, giving commentary for a fight in Florida is where he is.
In any event, I’m out of here. There is a weigh off coming that me and my grandson need to get ready for, all the best.

I’m not going to respond, too much political drama. I know where I was, escorting plane after plane all night from the Halifax Airport. It was a JFK thing when everyone knew where they were when it happened.
All the best

9/11/2021 10:28:57 PM

big moon

Bethlehem CT

It's funny how you say you don't like this board and that it is too divisive... and then you post (on the very board that you don't like) just to add fuel to the fire and then walk away.

9/12/2021 1:08:33 PM


Syracuse, NY

I have a habit of typing in a comment or response whilst I'm getting ready for work, or, supposed to be, lol and quite often I regret what I may have said or am surprised by the responses to it and there is no edit button here and barely a usable one in life itself.
It is, in fact, just like a fire - it gets started, whomever started it knows enough to NOT stand next to it after fueling it, lol and anyone who wants to warm their hands is welcome to. And then someone walking up to it bumps into somebody that already has his own space, spills a little of his beer and then all Hell breaks loose. I myself was getting ready for work that Tuesday morning and saw the events unfolding on TV - a friend of mine and I were to be going TO NYC for an Italian festival/extravaganza that following Friday, and even I figured that that would still happen. Way too optimistic? Yup! Listened to the radio on my lunch break for an hour and work itself was the worst kind - that which HAD TO be done. As for THIS 9-11? Pretty much a Saturday as usual, BUT I was not involved in the tragedy in any way, shape or form, and anyone whom was has my respect with respect to that and has been through something that I hope I never have to be a part of. eg

9/12/2021 1:50:40 PM



Need to get you onto some other news sources Andy.

Sticking with mainstream news for now though: Trump meeting with first responders on 9/11:


MSM... They bait all of us with false or misleading info. Sadly I have to any get all real info from various marginalized sources! They catch me sometimes with their headlines I'm a stupid fish but eventually I flop my way back into the water.

9/12/2021 2:51:19 PM



To answer your question though I was a freshman in college and yes it was shocking. I saw the pentagon had been hit in the dorm lobby on my way to class. I kinda joked to myself 'well, I guess they werent doing their job'.
But I have stood on the WTC towers before, and what happened there was very disturbing. It did help launch me onto a cynical conspiracy trajectory. Because there is info I know, some of it firsthand, that pretty much points to us humans being 50% cowards and wolves and 40% sheep, and about 10% selfless heroes. I dont want to share that pessimism with anyone though... probably not my kids either. They will have their own unfairness, tragedy, and shortfalls...
I dont figure I need to burden them with my own.

9/12/2021 3:08:38 PM

Smallmouth (Team Ozark)


Andy, first off, I hope you are doing well. Don’t let the media get to you, they twist everything. Everything written these days should have sources, but unfortunately politically motivated journalism students with opinions are being mass produced like lawyers were in the late 90s to early 2000s.

There are 3 sides to every story: mine, yours, and the truth.

Take care and nice knife!


9/14/2021 8:46:04 AM



911 is a extreme reminder of the Good and Bad of humanity.

9/14/2021 12:43:58 PM

Andy H

Brooklyn Corner, Nova Scotia

I appreciate all the replies, honestly. I was enjoying the quiet. In the middle of a documentary which was meant to document the life of a “prob” in the FDNY, two French brothers captured his trials and tribulations a few weeks prior to 9-1-1. Then in happened, the footage was raw and painful to watch. At some point my wife asked me what I thought Trump was doing on this date. Hearing the answer, I almost lost it, thus the post.
In retrospect, I regret posting what I did. Not because I have a change of heart, but I inadvertently contributed to what I hated about this board.
In the heat of the moment I guess, I’ll try to be better in the future.

9/14/2021 10:16:51 PM

Andy H

Brooklyn Corner, Nova Scotia

Oh, one last thing. Thanks for your words Luke, I expected more blow back than this. You’re wiser than me, I’m not an idiot but I can be impulsive now and then.

9/14/2021 10:27:15 PM

big moon

Bethlehem CT

Andy your a good guy. I Respect your response to what I said. Not many people these days that would digest it without getting mad and defensive.

9/15/2021 9:40:55 PM

Andy H

Brooklyn Corner, Nova Scotia

Thanks Big Moon, you have really helped me combat yellow vine disease and PM issues. My plants look old but no signs of the aforementioned.
Unlike past years , I’m disease free and fungus free.

9/21/2021 10:12:46 PM

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