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Subject:  Safety in conformity

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I'm trying to understand my fellow humans.

The two biggest forces I see (the two forces that seem to explain what I dont understand) are:

1) conformity, as a fear response
2) mafia-style profit seeking

I dont have much else to say (I get tripped up by the psychology of other humans where it differs from my own)...

Other than this:

Conmirnaty (recently approved by the people in government who you are certain you can trust is name of the vaccine) sure sounds like a non-human species like a duck trying to say a human word... conformity. Hmm!

9/12/2021 2:17:48 PM



My sons first day of "crnmrniinty"
(formerly known as kindergarten) is tomorrow. They will be well rehearsed on two things. Big learning day tomorrow. He will learn two things... Both how to deal with a real pandemic, and also how to be part of a clown show ;)

9/12/2021 3:33:54 PM

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