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Subject:  Peak controversy

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Upper Strasburg, PA

At the end of the day, we’re all still stuck on the same tiny rock flying through space. Maybe we could all do a little better so that we can all enjoy the ride.

10/5/2021 10:56:17 PM


South Bloomfield, Ohio

It's always been one version or another of the same struggle since the beginning of man.

10/6/2021 9:26:50 AM


Hopedale Ohio

Every day is a great day to be kind to You're fellow friend's and family, it come's back 10 fold

10/6/2021 12:31:58 PM

Tennessee Dreamer

Malabon City, Manila, The Philippines

I try to follow the Golden Rule these days.

10/22/2021 8:11:49 AM

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