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Subject:  double main vine?

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Albuquerque NM

This is my second season trying to grow a big pumpkin the goal is 600 pounds. I have two plants from some 1400 pound seeds my fiancé got from someone she found on instagram.

I was trying to decide which plant to keep and noticed they both have ribbon vines. One has two distinct vines growing out of one. How should I go about deciding on the pant to keep if any.

6/4/2021 8:59:56 PM


Syracuse, NY

Go here to see a recent discussion on what the terms are considered to be, recently, and you can also go to the Search window on the Home Page here to type in ribbon vine and/or double vine for anything else about it as well - - -


Generally, you can merely cut off the one of the two conjoined vines that is the LEAST advantaged, (wrong direction, shorter than the other, etc.) very carefully and with no nicks or sharp corners involved, to preserve the remaining vine as much as you can, of course; That being said, sometimes plants grow out of it, literally, and/or i JUST NOW thought 'Why not just treat that uncut, unwanted vine as a secondary (send it packin', to the right or left?)'; I think either option will work - remove or redirect for fun. Good luck and I hope it goes well for you---eric g

6/5/2021 11:46:02 AM

andy W

Western NY

withholding - the pic you posted where it split - keep the main that's going straight, cut the one going off at an angle.

6/6/2021 7:08:57 AM

The Gridiot

10,000 BC Younger Dryas 2

Yep. If you can, cut it in a way that it heals and doesnt invite rot or hold water near to the chosen main. I think most growers would cut it close and put fungicide on it. I might cut it farther out just past its first node if I didnt have any sulfer or daconil on hand.

6/6/2021 2:48:53 PM

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