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Subject:  First year Giant Watermelon Grower Needs Advice

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South Dakota


Please give me any advice you want to share. Brand new to watermelons.

6/5/2021 10:44:08 AM


Syracuse, NY

I do not grow H2O Melons, but, I'd say it's utterly important to pollinate manually, if you CAN, especially if the plant is in a greenhouse without a full-on beehive right nearby/near bee, lol; Growers may feel that using any fertilizer outside of a rigid regimen set in place already might be taboo, but IIIIIII always default to Miracle-Gro at 15-30-15 or 10-50-10 for a boost in Phosphorus, which is elemental in flowering, rooting and pollination dilemmas in my vague experience, lol - just at the normal dosage of either, 1 TBSP./gallon H2O and 2 - 3 times a week, not overdoing it, even though THAT might be already, but life is short;

Umm, yeah, the temperature might be a factor but with so many chances soon, you may see a difference by: Doing the above, creating a powered vent at the top of the greenhouse (I just had a great idea for it but no time) and WATER, water, water(!) >>> a Whizzer sprinkler right in the middle of that plant. Go nuts.

I feel that if a plant is trying to grow and can only do what it can without adequate water, it'll go through the motions but not deliver. I'm one to talk - my now 16 plants have been only watered ONCE at planting out...that's because i WANT them to be slow, for slow, getting-older me, lol---Good Luck! eg

6/5/2021 12:11:49 PM


Syracuse, NY

PS---We've all wanted to, but, yer doin' it---great idea on the netting trellis for upward vine growth! Innovative! eg

6/5/2021 12:23:11 PM

big moon

Bethlehem CT

I have never really gotten into hand pollination, I have always let the bees just do their thing. Although you are in a greenhouse so I am not sure if that is an option for you. Personally I think you are doing great. Like really good. Your plant is very big and healthy for such an early date. Their is plenty of time to get the right pollination for your plant. You will get it, the plant just has to settle into fruiting mode.

6/6/2021 7:37:34 AM

The Gridiot

10,000 BC Younger Dryas 2

I'm very much an amature but I have found hand pollinating to not be too difficult. I agree its early and there is plenty of time to get a good set
Ive let the plant decide in the past... some will grow quickly and have a good shape.

6/6/2021 2:41:14 PM


South Dakota

I think the ones I tried to pollinate were too far along for the pollination to take. I am starting to see a lot of new females on the primarys and secondarys, some seem to be getting set, hope they continue to develop. My last set finally aborted, so on we go. Thanks for the help and encouragement. My greenhouse is open about a foot along each side and the front door is left open overnight too. Lots of flys gnats and other all over the inside of the roof come sun down, so bees should be able to get in. I'm going to put out some humingbird nectar in the greenhouse to try to lure the bees in.

6/6/2021 5:03:51 PM


Syracuse, NY

I was gonna offer up YouTube videos on how much fun it might be to hand-pollinate watermelon flowers, but I'd not bee able to help myself from commenting on using anything other than the flowers themselves (JUST like AGs) by just mashing the males into the females (gently, now) and using only one male plant's flowers for the pollination to be a controlled cross (!) and if anyone cares at all, nylon mesh bagging all flowers involved the night BEFORE pollinaton and the female until the minimum of when the flower is falling off the stem anyway; Wow, I've seen shorter life sentences, lol---Not as a reply to this post, but in general; Ummm, the bugs up top just wanna get outta that greenhouse 'cause they probably never will. They'll just die trying, like a hummingbird would - Bee vigilant about making SURE that no hummingbirds are lured in by the nectar (not recommended), and they, too, would perish REALLY quickly (food for thought). I've had to rescue many HBs and dragonflies due to my 4 large windows @ the peak of my house garage, usually RIGHT as I go to work...ugh! Anyway, bees also need to SEE flowers and go right for them whence they do...as a moth flies over my keyboard as I type - @ 4:30 am - bedtime! Good Luck---eg

6/7/2021 4:38:03 AM


Syracuse, NY

>>>off the blossom end anyway;<<<

6/7/2021 4:40:43 AM

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