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Subject:  Can Giant Watermelon Be Self-Sterile?

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South Dakota

Still having trouble getting one to stick. Been beating the flowers up and check hourly, so I should be catching the moment. Just wondering if a giant watermelon can be self-sterile?

6/9/2021 1:54:03 PM

The Gridiot

10,000 BC Younger Dryas 2

A long shot here, but if the soil is a little drier pollinations may stick better. A lot of plants have an internal mechanism where if things are starting to dry out they "know" it's their last chance to reproduce.

The opposite is, if they have plenty of water and nitrogen, they "know" that they can focus on foliage awhile longer... and not invest in fruit yet.

6/9/2021 4:14:21 PM

The Gridiot

10,000 BC Younger Dryas 2

I bought a cytokin? spray for tomatoes I think supposed to help with fruit set if your plant was in fact self sterile, certain hormones might bypass it.

6/9/2021 4:16:23 PM


South Dakota

Makes sense. The only water she has been getting is from the misters that I turn on at 100 degrees and run for 5 minutes. Misters use .8 gallon total each 5 min cycle. If real temp in mid 90's I can cool the greenhouse down to low 80s at the end of each cycle. Takes 30-45 minutes to heat back up to 100. In this hot streak, I have been using about 10 gallons/day but a lot of the mist never hits the ground. Vines are growing really fast, so I think you are on to something here.

6/9/2021 4:56:25 PM

big moon

Bethlehem CT

LJ I just saw your diary, I love the idea of growing up a trellis to increase plant size in a small greenhouse.

6/9/2021 6:58:53 PM

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