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Subject:  First year grower

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Alameda, CA

Hi all...I'm brand-new to this and started on a whim. I'm not trying to win a contest. I just want to get some ginormous pumpkins in my yard for Halloween. I have a rather unorthodox approach due to yard constraints, so I am just going with whatever my situation allows :)

Here's my question: if I don't have any flowers blooming yet am I just too late to the game?

After reading on one of the other forums, it sounds like people already have basketball sized pumpkins! My babies sprouted the first week in May and have serving tray sized leaves right now, a lot of buds, but nothing has bloomed. Do I just be patient? Or did I maybe do something wrong?

6/27/2021 12:22:32 AM

Dawn, Suburban Gardener

Western Washington

Welcome aboard, Mrs. Pumpkinhead!

Since you're not trying to win Half Moon Bay you're probably doing great, just with a later start than the basketball-sized pumpkins. How long is your main vine right now, approximately?

Have fun and good luck!

6/27/2021 1:45:15 AM

Dawn, Suburban Gardener

Western Washington

You are certainly welcome to start a Growers Diary here for some feedback.

Sorry for double-posting, I should gather my thoughts before posting, the heat is getting to me a bit.

6/27/2021 1:58:15 AM

The Gridiot

10,000 BC Younger Dryas 2

You'll prob have flowers in 2-3 weeks.

Welcome to pumpkin growing!

6/27/2021 2:23:01 AM


Syracuse, NY

Even I had never thought of it - MRS. pumpkinhead;
Potentially a great spinoff of the originals (i know, it's unRELATED (DOE!)) Anyway, you can tell that we particular whack-os are up late and unable to sleep, thinking of what to do for our plants tomorrow!

You and I are in the same boat for different reasons, but in the same time frame.

IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII would get Miracle Grow 24-8-16 and water the plants twice a week @ say 2 gallons' worth, 2 times a week for an 8' X 8' plant and of course proportionally more per event if the plants are larger with it @ 1 Tbsp./gallon of water UNTIL you see actual male flowers (on long stalks)
ALMOST blooming - a sure sign that soon, (but not right away - as was said, in 2-3 weeks) females will begin appearing.

Once the males appear as above, switch over immediately to 15-30-15 MG same everything and THAT is more appropriate for the blooming and rooting of the plant at that time in its life cycle;

Excessive nitrogen is not conducive to the plant keeping its set pumpkins and they can abort more frequently, hence the changeover to the 15-30-15 designation upon seeing males appearing/blooming;

You could even skip the 24-8-16 segment at this time but I feel that that formulation is accelerating the growth/size of the plant in the meantime. I just planted out 7 more plants that have been cooped up for 1.5 MONTHS so we're neck and neck, I suppose!

PS---If you can, water the plants likewise with plain water the day after you water with fertilizer to
soak it all in a bit better; Full-on watering with a whizzer sprinkler for a half to 1 hour +
has never harmed any of MY plants, so...

Well, good luck---eric g

6/27/2021 4:24:17 AM

big moon

Bethlehem CT

You are definitely not too late to meet your goals. I have pollinated pumpkins in late July and had them get over 700 pounds.

6/27/2021 7:17:14 AM


Alameda, CA

Thanks so much for the encouraging words everyone!! I’m starting a grower diary. It really is fun to watch and nurture these things grow. I can’t wait to see the kids’ reactions on Halloween!

6/27/2021 1:44:52 PM

Dawn, Suburban Gardener

Western Washington

Nice job on the grower diary! I didn't see a link to the patch photo/video though, no worries, we've all made errors, mistakes, typos, missing photos, sideways photos in the diaries, etc. it keeps us on our toes, lol!

6/27/2021 11:17:21 PM

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