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Subject:  Soft Spot?

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Anderson, IN

This does not look good to me, is there something I can do to help this sort of soft spot or is it a goner.


7/13/2021 7:36:32 PM


Syracuse, NY

I've commented in years past but I doubt anyone has ever done what I would do - Mix a tablespoon (or TWO is OK) of Clorox with a gallon of water, shake it up of course and fill a spray bottle with it;
Initially, carefully break off the rotted blossom parts and dig away the rotted portion that is trying to go into the fruit's flesh. Clear away any slugs, worms or whatever might get the spray on it below the fruit to be humane; Spray the blossom stump/sort-of-a-hole now and simply saturate the ENTIRE area once or twice a day and let it be drying out as much/often as possible. Once things scab/'heal' over, do this again like once a week to continue maintenance.
I almost 'enjoy' spraying the blossom AND stem ends of my pumpkins for peace of mind, although I have not done it in quite awhile - have not needed to, so, lucky me!

Please wait for OTHERS' comments here if you'd like, but I have never had ANY problem with this method for MYself---eric g

7/14/2021 3:01:42 AM

pumpkin carver

Griffith, In

After you spray it with his bleach mix, put a fan on it 24/7, if possible, you want to dry that area up so it won't spread and grow larger.

7/14/2021 9:36:51 PM


Anderson, IN

How deep would you go when taking off the blossom stump, flush? It seems pretty soft. Does this normally fall off and mine did not? I do have a fan on it with a sulfur-fungicide mix right now.

7/14/2021 11:48:29 PM


Syracuse, NY

Like a candy bar - whatever would have come off naturally by meaning to break it off and meaning to pull on it, for lack of better terms, lol---eg

7/15/2021 1:35:33 PM

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