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Subject:  Vine borers

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Boston, MA

Title says it all. Tough week in my pumpkin patch!! This morning I noticed a funny looking spot near the main stem with orange granular material coming out of it. Upon further inspection I noted another spot ~8 feet down the main vine, and two on a side vine. I carefully slit open each spot with a razor and extracted the grub while inflicting very minimal damage to the vines. The holes didn't seem very deep and the grubs were pretty much right there. I gently scraped away any chewed up tissue and then
took a needle and pressed it up the inner center of the vine a few times (just in case someone was hiding deeper in there). I covered each surgery with a mount of fresh soil and watered them.

Does anyone know if I should expect many more grubs? Like do they hatch in waves for an endless battle the rest of the summer? I plan to closely inspect the entire vine every day, but worried if I've already seen 4 that perhaps this battle is already lost and I just don't know it yet. Advice welcome!!

7/15/2021 7:15:57 PM

big moon

Bethlehem CT

They say there is only one generation per year in the North but I have had them come late in the season. This link from UNH confirms this.

7/16/2021 6:21:18 AM


South Dakota

Last year I had live SVB larvae in my plant when I tore it out in late September. I treated with merit a couple times through the year and was constantly digging larvae out. I don't believe the one generation per year up north here. If so, they must continually emerge throughout the season. I used the Tree and Shrub formulation of "merit" and wonder if I applied enough. SVB's are a pain in the pumpkin growers butt. You can keep them at bay, but lots of work. Good luck.

7/16/2021 8:33:49 AM


Boston, MA

Thanks both! Went back out again today and dug out 3 more. Constant vigilance, I just hope my plants can pull through!

7/16/2021 6:28:20 PM


Boston, MA

Also I saw the actual moth chilling on a leaf this afternoon, right as rain.. Little bugger flew away before I could kill it. But went ahead and applied some neem oil all over, figure it cant hurt if the adults are still flying around to try and "prevent" it from getting worse.

7/16/2021 6:29:38 PM


Western PA

I got them in June as normal. I Saw one moth laying on my Zuchinni's a week or two ago. I'm not sure it's normal to see them this late in the season.

8/12/2021 3:23:25 PM

Smallmouth (Team Ozark)


Vine borers are the absolute worst pest for growing pumpkins. I didn't treat 1 ornamental gourd plant, and I pulled out four, one inch grubs from a vine I cut open with a knife.

8/12/2021 3:47:31 PM

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