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Subject:  Slings?

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Alameda, CA

I tried doing a site search for slinging a pumpkin, but I got overwhelmed by the list of results and all seemed to be about tomatoes. So I'm sorry if this is redundant to a previously discussed topic (plz direct me to the convo if it is!), but am I just crazy to try to sling up a pumpkin? I think if it gets too for whatever my initial system is, I'll just keep improving on it as needed. Does this get disruptive to development? Or any suggestions?

I posted a photo on my grower diary of the current situation.

7/17/2021 1:24:57 AM


Syracuse, NY

I'm really tired so not a lot of info do I provide but this grower kept us entertained last summer without fail, lol:


That's not even related to a pumpkin 'sling' but I personally would put a THICK (3/4-inch) piece of plywood between the horizontal left-to-right struts of that trellis of sorts that the plant is growing on already and let it just sink down and make landfall right there, over and done, IMHO.
Additional struts of 2 x 4 nature could then be added beneath if a larger-than-expected fruit arises. One never knows! Look at Gritty Kins' diary as well - he's all about the blossom-down strategy - and Blossom Downer?'s? as well---eric g

7/17/2021 2:54:03 AM


Alameda, CA

Thanks for that link! It was great to go through that...I see why you all were so entertained! I now have three babies slung up. One is softball sized, one is peewee football sized, and one is slightly bigger than regulation football sized (yeah...they're a little oblong at the moment). I'm using cut-up t-shirts. So far so good.

7/20/2021 7:40:26 PM

The Gridiot

10,000 BC Younger Dryas 2

If your planning to get above 200 lbs then hopefully you can get a small pallet under it. Just 5 lbs/day will get you to 200 lbs! Good luck.

7/21/2021 2:44:52 AM


Syracuse, NY

You've got me beat - my biggest is a grapefruit, but it wasn't yesterday! I gotta get a piece of ANYthing under it tomorrow, lol---eg

7/21/2021 3:02:19 AM



Theres been a lot of bushel gourds and giant pear gourds grown on slings hanging off trellises.Ive grown 120/130lbers this way.Ive made mine by criss/crossing two ropes with a piece of shade cloth as a hammock.I had a bushell gourd that weighed 140 that i reinforced the sling with a dog leash.That one was a little scary removing from the trellis.You could get a lot heavier with a ag.One could easily pull your whole trellis down.

7/21/2021 5:24:33 PM

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