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Subject:  Mysteriously-twisted vines cause partly identified

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Syracuse, NY

If you've ever come across vines that seeeeeeem to have been windblown or uprooted by an animal and such with no evidence to support those and many other reasons, a few of the possible reasons are, in my experience:

1. Watering with (of course) colder water than the plant's ambient temperature, causing the plant to twist due to the difference(s) in temperature(s) in the most-susceptible vines and unrooted areas - the heavy watering may also loosen the soil and any breeze or wind contributes to this effect, as well as the sheer weight of the water on the leaves.

2. Side vines that are too-firmly attached to their supporting vines, including tertiaries from the secondaries; As a vine grows outward and becomes an extension and heavier, if the spot where it's attached and the first few inches of it don't flex enough, the originating vine will twist toward it and everything else will be shifted to accommodate - or flop over.

3. Vines that are not rooted or have become so also suffering this upon their leaves' daily tendency to follow the sun and if too many are able to in unison, you get one of those vines that can never again be 'normal' - and the fact that the leaves have STILL followed it and it's now 3 am doesn't help.

Whenever I chop off a secondary/tertiary I try to leave at least halfway to the first leaf of it (sometimes the leaf as well) for a lateral support to remain for the originating previous vine, THINKING that I'll come through soon to bury all, which WOULD alleviate most of these conditions.

Any correct info is good info, yes?

1., 2. and 3. may work together to account for your early-morning 'What the Hell happened here?' moment, and you know that I'm being sweet about it, lol. eg

8/21/2021 12:31:58 PM

The Gridiot

10,000 BC Younger Dryas 2

I think deer and maybe cats are the only mystery vine pushers I've had. I like the idea of leaving more length to the things that are getting pruned.

Hopefully you northeastern growers are ready to hold onto your hats and your leaves.

8/21/2021 3:03:03 PM

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