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Subject:  Key takeaways from this year

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Alameda, CA

This was my first year. I had so much fun until the powdery mildew came in fast and furious. Since I had planted 25 plants (hahahahahahhahaha) crammed into kiddie pools, it really ran rampant and was super hard to get on top of. I am left with a crusty, dusty set-up and three struggling pumpkins. Key takeaways: a) plant fewer plants...I'm thinking just 6 to start and cull down to 3 b) don't name them so i don't get attached and get too sad to cull (hahahahahahhaha...i'm a dope) c) settle on ONE plant per kiddie pool d) do not let the females at the top of a trellis get pollinated...break those b's off right quick! e) get a better method of handling powdery mildew f) learn how to fertilize properly.

8/22/2021 11:37:53 PM


Syracuse, NY

I guess, by your diary, that we should be using our heads as a measuring instrument - did you have anyone ELSE tell you your pumpkins' sizes? Maybe selfies (and a trellis) DO have a use together after all, lol.

You can go here and look at my description of what IIIIIIIII'm doing for myyyyyyy powdery mildew, just because I typed it out and I'm just waiting for anyone to disagree with me but we've got a few minutes, lol;


You CAN always Google powdery mildew cures AND on this website's Site Search window with exactly

powdery mildew

and see what others have had to say over the years...
great post and had a good laugh about it; good takeaways---eric g

8/23/2021 1:14:17 AM


Alameda, CA

I am so appreciative of you pointing me in a good powdery mildew treatment direction. I just got super overwhelmed. I planted WAY too many pumpkin plants. All those leaves! I'm excited to do things differently next year and hopefully have a bit more success! It has been crazy fun though!

9/18/2021 10:40:20 PM

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