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Subject:  Another main vine burying question

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Tasmania Australia

Hi, I have been dong a fair bit of reading up on this topic of the main vine and weather to bury or not to bury the main vine.
A little confusing reading through the different advices being given though and was hoping someone might be able to offer a little more advice on what i have here.

I am in a clay / loamy soil, so holds water fairly well.
At the moment the main vine is out at around 5 - 6 feet and the secondary's are only just starting to show up, they are maybe around 6 inches long possibly.

So i will be burying the secondary's as this is a standard practice i think,
But the main vine is the one in question, with my particular soil, would i be best to just leave the main vine running along the top of the soil and just cover the top of the junction where the secondary vines come off and leave the rest?

11/2/2021 6:11:50 PM



Id recommend covering main at each leaf node and not the rest of the main.Keep it covered with moist soil for a couple of weeks and then uncover it my hand watering.That should have allowed both tap roots to develop and now you can keep rot issues to a minimum.

11/3/2021 12:25:23 AM


Columbia, Kentucky

Agree with Cojoe, I do this process every year and works well for getting strong roots while reduce disease and rot problems

11/3/2021 1:48:27 PM


Ironton, ohio

Same as above, cover main at nodes with intentions to uncover late. I lost my main to rot (guessing around 60dap) and lost poundage. All those good secondaries yet sending nothing down a rotten main for roughly 40 days. Lesson learned. Grow big!

11/3/2021 6:23:26 PM


Tasmania Australia

Thanks for the advices, This is what i will look at doing then.
Wait until i see some tap roots developing and then uncover it.
Greatly appreciated.

11/3/2021 9:58:27 PM


Kutztown, PA

Speaking of main vines: what's the sweet spot out from the stump for pollination? Also, how far past the pumpkin before you terminate the main? Do you let secondaries grow off of main vine once it's passed the pumpkin?

1/4/2022 11:14:13 AM

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