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Subject:  Drip Lines- Who uses them? Any cheap suggestions?

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Does anyone use a drip line and train their vines along it? Also what’s the least expensive method of implementation you know of? Thanks

12/10/2021 12:22:29 AM


South Dakota

I tried running the drip lines along each vine once. I ended up with vine splits and rot from too much water in too close vicinity to the vine. I now evenly space my lines where they will be somewhat perpendicular to the vines and all works great. Dripworks is a good supplier.

12/10/2021 9:20:53 AM

andy W

Western NY

Toro Aqua-traxx. 8mil, 7500' roll. Closest drip spacing you can get. Lines on 16" centers here.

12/10/2021 10:48:43 AM



I use Rain Bird XFD self-compensating drip hose. It is expensive, but it will last for many years if you have good filters, and you clean it at the end of the season with peroxide. It is the best, you make sure that the entire patch has the same water. I set them to 12 inches. It is an expensive investment, but I think that if you intend to grow for several years, it is a good investment.

12/10/2021 2:15:03 PM


Centennial Colorado

I bought a 1000 foot role of drip line on Amazon, bought a 55 gallon barrel, used pump, and tubing to connect the pumped water and fertilizer. Since my water is really alkaline (8.5) I used a tall boy water filter so the system would not clog. All in $300 for everything. The most expensive being the filter

12/10/2021 3:41:55 PM


South Bloomfield, Ohio

I second what Andy said. The Aqua-Traxx has a proprietary design to resist clogging and is heavy enough to get through a tough season without cracking and developing large leaks. It's a bit pricier, but you get what you pay for.

12/11/2021 10:07:11 AM

andy W

Western NY

Quick math - on a 30' x 30' plant, if you're 16" on center:

22 lines 30 feet long is 660 lineal feet of drip line (you can probably even cut back a little on the ends, too. I reuse the valves and header lines. Valves for each line (x 22), plus you'll want a few couplers, Ls, and Ts - I cut and route the lines around the footprint of the pumpkin. I use 3/4" "orchard tubing" for header line - it's way less bulky than the bigger diameter oval stuff.

Orchard tubing is about $25 per 100' or $65 for 500', with valves running about $2 each.

A 7500' spool is now about $190, so that's over 11 plants per roll, or $17 per plant per year.

So for a fixed cost of around $50, and a yearly cost of $17 per plant, it's not too bad. We spend more money on other parts of growing.

12/11/2021 2:36:58 PM

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