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Subject:  Hydroponics

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Does anyone use a hydroponic system to develop seedlings then transfer them outside?

12/10/2021 12:24:01 AM


Central Illinois

Not that I know of, some have tried hydro outside for the entire season

12/10/2021 5:49:22 AM


South Dakota

I use hydro nutes (Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect) in peat medium and use flood to waste to apply the nutes. The peat transplants nicely and continue to add the nutes until she has rooted into the ground good. Works fine. Be sure to add some biologicals to the medium. I use WOW myco and Azos. Advanced Nutrients Voodoo Juice is great biologicals, but expensive. A good grow light is crucial, I use COB LED.

12/10/2021 9:12:54 AM

North Shore Boyz

Mill Bay, British Columbia

Yes, BC record holder, and all round good guy Richmond Dave has started hydroponically and transplanted into soil.

Here is his diary, where he chronicled it quite nicely.


12/21/2021 12:40:34 AM

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