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Subject:  Sprayer/Foggers

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Kutztown, PA

What's the best fogger/sprayer for the money?

1/5/2022 3:51:05 PM


Deer Park WA

We love our Stihl SR-450.its big enough for our whole property and its variable speed is perfect for light fogging up close and under the canopy.

1/5/2022 4:24:21 PM



Are you Talking mister/fogging for cooling the plant/air.

1/5/2022 5:10:37 PM


Kutztown, PA

cojoe - I'm talking about using a fogger/blower for pesticide application and for foliar feeding.

1/6/2022 9:13:22 AM


Kutztown, PA

Gadberry's - thanks, I'll give that one a look.

1/6/2022 9:14:22 AM


Springfield, VT

The Stihl SR 200 is the smaller brother to the 450 and is lighter, it work good in my patch.

1/6/2022 4:54:00 PM



I like the Smaller Stihl mister too. I Used to have the big one & it is really heavy & difficult to get on your back when it is full.

1/6/2022 4:58:51 PM


Deer Park WA

The Stihl SR 450 will hold 3.5 gallons of liquid which is just about perfect for o I r 6500 SqFt patch. Like VTWilber & Vineman stated the SR 200 is a good machine. I dont think the 450 is too heavy but thats just my opinion. We set it on the edge of a waist high bench fill it up and slip on the shoulder straps and stand up. Try both of them on at your local Stihl dealer before you buy. They last forever if you take care of it.

1/6/2022 5:27:26 PM


Jericho Vermont

Stihl SR 200 here too. Nice and light and fine even spray.

1/6/2022 5:29:42 PM


South Bloomfield, Ohio

The Stihl, regardless of the model, is your best bet.

1/6/2022 6:30:11 PM

McMillin Giants

Salem Ohio

I agree with the Stihl sr 200 as well. You won’t go wrong with the Stihl. I purchased The Invatech Italia 868. It’s 3.7 gallons and work amazing. I think it actually fogs farther than the Stihl, but that just my opinion. $288 total price on their website with no tax.

1/6/2022 7:07:16 PM


Kutztown, PA

Thanks all for the info!

1/12/2022 1:45:04 PM


Deering, NH

Both Stihl's are sold as misters. In order to get down to 25-75 micron fog, you have to buy the extra ULV nozzles.
Stihl's website does not do a good job on revealing this.
"Thank you for contacting us at STIHL Customer Service.

Regarding your inquiry, we would like to inform you that the set of ultra low volume (ULV) is offered as an optional accessory for the STIHL SR 200. On that note, we would like to provide you with the ULV part number.

UV Part Number: 4241 007 1009
Kind regards

536 Viking Drive

3/9/2022 3:37:23 PM

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