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Subject:  Has anyone grown a 1625.5 Gantner X Self cross?

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Syracuse, NY

Was looking at PumpkinFanatic.com and did not see any results FROM this cross---plenty of others, but not that one---Just wondered-----EG

12/22/2018 2:19:35 AM



Yes there was a 1625 sibb from Sergio Moretti from Italy this year about 1624 pounds.

12/22/2018 3:47:18 AM

John Butler

Team Canuckle Heads

yes 1098 est Butler 2017 I didn't take it to a weigh off
you can see it on my 2017 diary on the GVGO web page

12/22/2018 11:12:20 AM


Syracuse, NY

The magic of the internet!
Thanks for the info---EG

12/22/2018 12:38:54 PM


Syracuse, NY

Thank you both---Mr.B., your diary is exemplary; you sincerely kick ASS on the weeds, soil texture, growing of giants and whomever is taking the pictures rocks as well! I was, however, looking to see about the progeny of the 1625.5 BY self rather than the 1625.5 IT self, lol---i don't have one, but thought that there'd have been a lot more selfing of it and then growing the result in '18; I am thinking of getting a 706.5 Willemse or 962 Willemse to sprout and crossing it with the 1756 H/J back and forth to unite the old with the new(er), like my 1007 Brown X 2145 cross I should also plant in '19, lol----EG

12/22/2018 1:36:21 PM

Dr. Baduchi

Sometimes Inn

1,478.00    Jacobus, Caleb    Soldiers Grove    Wisconsin    United States    Stillwater Harvestfest    1625 gantner    self    387.0    1,245.00    19.0

12/22/2018 10:26:07 PM


Syracuse, NY

Yeah, thanks, but see, I'm sayin' I wanna know if anyone has ever GROWN a (1625.5 X SELF).

Not made one.

Like if anyone ever grew a RESULT of a SELFED 1625.5.

We'll just say 'NO' at this point.

I'll never afford one, anyway, so, anyway, thanks anyway.

Carry on. EG

12/22/2018 11:30:20 PM

The Gridiot

10,000 BC Younger Dryas 2

I was thinking about what would carry the % hvy genes... the heaviest % to chart I ever grew had 1462.5 Starr in it. Also had the 1502 Wallace. Anyhow I am guessing the real question here is what would be a comparable as a pollinator to the 1625.5? I don't know.

12/23/2018 12:37:25 AM


Syracuse, NY

no, but maybe a 1770.5 Lieber - i had one but it didn't make it once in the patch - figured it was the same cross as 1625.5 and also had some higher percent-heavies, etc., to pollinate my 1756 with...would've at least had a pretty one on the 1770.5.---eg

12/23/2018 11:48:54 AM

The Gridiot

10,000 BC Younger Dryas 2

1770.5 could be good a few people had defects with their plants so the 1625.5 may be more flawless genetically. To anyone who wants red/orange color the 1770.5 would be worth taking a chance on. How bout a 1195 kaminski 1770 x self grew 1696 kaminski. I will send 2u if you will try it blossom down. Supposed to go orange... Email me your address in case I dont have it!

12/23/2018 12:27:05 PM


Syracuse, NY

naaah, that's ok - usually if a pumpkin is not dramatically orange it doesn't get its picture taken and put on PF, so i'll stick to just you and i swapping our first- and second-party seeds - now, watch that seed grow super-big and super-orange for you, lol---i have enough other growers' seeds to last me a lifetime, although germination is becoming a noticeable problem---my own belief is that the genes are lined up for a certain seed to have certain characteristics under certain conditions and although we can try to recreate the circumstances over again, it'll never be exact, due to genetic variations that make the world go 'round...close, ,but never exact, so without a track record (SUCH AS WITH the 1770.5) i'd be hesitant to grow anything that did not have any evidence of thus far throwing orange on a regular basis---HOWEVER>>>if i regularly grew pumpkins in the 1500-2200-pounds range (yeah, right), i'd grow ANYTHING because if not orange, who'd care? i'd still have HUGE pumpkins to brag about/sell/display; i still have seeds 12 feet from me, in my living room in plastic grocery bags that are from 2006 when i had my 912.5---as i go through these seeds from grower-friends and a few growers' clubs such as the PNWGPGA, i find seeds that have the 670 Daigle and 1101 Northrup and a 711 Zuhlke that i'd like to try...782.5 Stucker, to name another...think i'll work on those now that i'm all worked up---Merry Christmas, everyone! Ho Ho Ho Santa can't even say that at the mall anymore, so i hear, lol----EG

12/23/2018 11:21:53 PM

The Gridiot

10,000 BC Younger Dryas 2

Old seeds are cool. They probably don't have the potential of the newer seeds but we don't really know. I think the top growers are very competitive they don't want to take chances. Grow the old ones back to back with newer seeds and see how they compare?

12/24/2018 1:09:13 AM

n d fan


I have a 1625 by self. It was a 250 lb genetics seed that was 25% heavy. It went down at 36 dap to disease. I was a new grower and didnt spray the way you should to protect it. Im putting in seed swap. I will have a couple in swap

2/8/2019 5:14:31 AM


Syracuse, NY

Okay, thanks, and dum question: Where is this Seed Swap?
Good luck if you grow it - I was concerned as to whether a doubly-selfed 1495 Stelts, effectively, had produced anything notably heavy for its size - and, of course, examining the next best thing to an actual seed. eg

2/11/2019 3:30:24 AM

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