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Subject:  somewhat hvy vs very heavy

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The Gridiot

10,000 BC Younger Dryas 2

There are some seeds that went consistently heavy on the old chart like the 1676.5 Daletas and the 1730.5 Werner (or was it the 1596?). These are very good seeds for not going light but on todays chart they would just be average?? It seems like there are maybe three levels in the genetics... Light medium and heavy? The newest chart would knock about ten percent off the stats of all the old seeds? So they are still very good seeds... but we should keep our eyes open for ones that are better?

12/23/2018 5:24:00 PM

The Gridiot

10,000 BC Younger Dryas 2

Of course those without heavy genetics can go above two thousand which is cool...but it would sure be a surprise if heavy genetics does not play a role in getting to 3000.

12/23/2018 5:46:49 PM

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