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Subject:  Super Seeds

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Seems to me that we'd get some super seeds by line breeding the 2145.
Take the 2145's best offspring and breed them back to the 2145 in the next generation.
Some guys have already done it-
But it's been done less often than you'd think.
Going to start working on a list...

12/24/2018 1:08:45 PM


I could only find 5 (looking at the top of the chart only) that meet the criteria:
In 2017 The 1786 Pugh (1944 Pugh X 2145) & 1852 Vander Weilen : neither of which grew anything good so maybe I'm wrong!
In 2018 2,283 Barlow/Jacobus (1971 Barlow X 2145) 2070 Paton (2624 Willemijns X 2145) & 1901 Larsen ( 2624 Will. X 2145) which if I'm right will do BIG things next year

12/24/2018 1:55:04 PM



1501 VanderWielen 2017 (2004 VanderWielen X 2145 McMullen)
It grew two incredible orange pumpkins. 2152 Gantner and 1878 Leer.

12/24/2018 2:26:40 PM


Excellent! Thank You! Can't believe I missed that one.
Didn't go down to 1500's in my hunt.
That one really helps prove the point though

12/24/2018 2:36:02 PM


Interesting note, these kins are all 3/4 2145's. The Pugh being 1/4 2109 Zywiec, The VW's 1/4 2017 Martin & Larsen and The Patons 1/4 1872 Willemijns. The B/J however was off the 1971 Barlow which was a Selfed 2145- Making it pretty much all 2145- So Watch Out For That One!!!

12/24/2018 2:46:06 PM



dirt I see things your way-I told a friend last winter/spring that I thought line breeding 2145 1st,2nd third generation is prob. the way to go. However potential is one thing getting people to actually grow it is another.The hobby seems headed for 3000lbs with the 2145 playing a large role.Nothing wrong with some constructive plan on breeding a super seed but again theres prob. a few out there already that haven't orwont see dirt.

12/26/2018 7:48:52 PM

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