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Subject:  2114 wallace seed

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Simi valley, ca

So just wanted to let people know there's more potential in this seed , Yes i know it did grow the 2nd biggest in country this yr ! But to let people know about my own experience, first off my seed was a white tipped seed , so my patch does not receive sun until approx 11 am & then gets cut off early also, I meant to trim trees at ends of patch but there hugh & i just didn't get the time this yr ! also i took vines out next day after harvesting and i found out i was way underwatering , soil was way to dry in center of patch ! I'm still happy that i finally got a pumpkin over 1000 ,It was 1219 lbs, But i realized with trees cut it probably would have gotten much bigger ,Probably several hundred pounds bigger !

11/23/2019 3:47:50 PM


Simi valley, ca

Im seeing other evidence of how important the full day of sun really is, I have a pomegranate tree that has always been very productive, 25 yrs! but couple yrs ago i planted a silver dollar eucalyptus tree close to pomegranate tree & last yr it really grew it towered over pomegranate tree it grew like 10-12 ft in 1 yr & started shading pomegranate tree not the whole day ,But what a difference in the pomegranate tree it partly died & was hardly productive this yr & there's several other examples in my yard !

11/23/2019 4:07:34 PM


Simi valley, ca

I can see a potential question coming so i will answer it ahead of time ! I planted the silver dollar tree to give me some shade by my house & i knew that it would affect the pomegranate tree ! But did not expect to be as affected as it seems to be ! I will trim its lower branches !

11/23/2019 4:13:54 PM


Central NY

Pretty dam sweet brah...

12/1/2019 11:18:29 AM


Brockton, Massachusetts

I crossed a 1382 Leer with a 2114 last year, I can not wait to see how this cross goes. The Leer main kept throwing secondaries so much that I couldn’t keep them straight and was cutting them off by mistake. I over crowded my 2114,it was a complete disappointment on my own shoulders. I hope this year with a lot more room and a little patience I can redeem myself!

1/21/2020 5:42:37 PM

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