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Subject:  1409 Lyons or 1771 hunt?

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719.5 Pounder

North Of The Border

Trying to choose which I want to grow. The Lyons, was 1911 Irena, by 2005 haist so good genes there. But the 1771 was 2145 McMullen by self, so also good genes. I am not sure which one has better genetics, so which one should I grow?

4/7/2020 4:21:50 PM


Central NY

When the genetics are that good, flip a coin. (call tails)

4/7/2020 4:26:41 PM

curtlave (team extreme)

Sourthern Utah

i agree with porkchop here, its not a matter of names,, both
genes are fantastic, ,,,,, git er dun....

4/7/2020 5:31:02 PM

The Gridiot

10,000 BC Younger Dryas 2

I agree. Some growers will plant two side by side and cull the smaller/ slower plant. It might be helpful strategy or it might just be extra work and burning through seeds you dont want to burn through and it ending up being a coin toss anyhow (having to choose & cut out one of two nice plants). I have wanted to pair them and use one as a pollinator and pull that one backwards or to the side until it blooms. And cut it out completely when the pollination is done. Anyhow flip a coin or grow both because its always good to have a backup plant... Wind snaps them off or animal chews the vine or hailstorm or whatever.

4/7/2020 6:00:19 PM

719.5 Pounder

North Of The Border

Okay, I guess I will grow both. I was just wondering, because I knew both of those have great grandparents, and I didn't know witch set would be better, genetics wise. I was actually hoping someone could tell me which one was better gene wise. If anyone knows, please respond. Also, thanks for the advice.

4/8/2020 7:22:09 AM

Engel's Great Pumpkins and Carvings

Menomonie, WI (mail@gr8pumpkin.net)

It is a decision you need to make. Believe in the seed you plant. Look up progeny on www.pumpkinfanatic.com. Sometimes you also have to be the one to prove out a seed.

4/8/2020 7:26:06 AM

Jane & Phil

Ontario, Canada

Both 1409 & the 1771 plants were grown within 30 yds of each other. Chris Lyons grows his giants on our property, so there was no real difference in the soil & we use the same products. The big difference is that Chris lives in Toronto & is only here once per week (Saturday) & we are here 24/7.
The 1771 had a slow start due to wet conditions, but once things dried up, the plant went crazy, with good growth rates. We think the reason the pumpkin went light is because the lack of rain we got last year. It was by far the driest summer/fall that we have had in the 30 years we've been living here.
Anyway, either seed should produce you a monster pumpkin. Feel free to email me throughout the season if you have any questions or need any advice.
All the best.
Jane & Phil

4/8/2020 9:36:26 AM


Guelph, Ontario

Each seed from a particular pumpkin will be different. So inherently nothing to go on as to which one will be better.

Many people start a number of seeds and see which one grows best, and plant that one. Keep some others for a brief time for back up. Or plant at opposite ends of patch and select keeper later in season.

4/8/2020 12:55:12 PM

719.5 Pounder

North Of The Border

Thanks for the help. I think that I will plant both, and grow whichever one looks better, in the plot I have prepared, and grow the other one somewhere else, so that I can cross pollinate. Also, I have already looked at pumpkinfanatics, and seen the genetics. Which is the reason I had to ask for advice. I am also growing a 1608 Bryson, which has the McMullen genes, and that would mean that it is related to both of the above, as the both have McMullen, as either parents, or grandparents. Does this effect how I should pollinate?

4/9/2020 6:50:05 AM

The Gridiot

10,000 BC Younger Dryas 2

If you want to save seeds you probably want to cross your two best plants. Any bad traits can get passed on. For example I had one that had a very short stem and it passed that trait on. Selfing your plants is a good option then your best plant will not be crossed with an inferior one.

4/11/2020 2:50:43 AM

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