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Subject:  Seeds from a smaller pumpkin...

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Antwerp, Belgium


If you harvest seeds from a smaller pumpkin (Wallace 1232 X self), do they still have the genetics as if you harvest seeds from a real big one from that same plant?

Thanks in advance for any reaction!!

9/13/2020 6:04:00 AM


Central NY

Yup... so long as the pollination was controlled.

9/13/2020 7:42:18 AM


Plymouth, MN

Every seed is a unique blend of the parents. How similar the seeds will be to each other depends on how inbred the cross is. The heavy and small fruits in your scenario produce seeds that have the same genetic potential as each other, if not exactly identical genetics.

9/13/2020 12:43:48 PM


Upper Strasburg, PA

The gametes in the flowers are all coming from the same place. There is variation that occurs because of the random arrangement of chromosomes that happens in Anaphase I during Meiosis. This is when the paired chromosomes line up at the equator of the cell and before they separate in Metaphase I. In your case of two pumpkins with the same female and male parent, the gametes that come together by pollination are starting from cells with the same chromosomes, so the variation that you would see between the seeds of the two pumpkins would be the same as the variation you see between the seeds within each individual pumpkin.

9/14/2020 4:26:24 AM


Antwerp, Belgium

All of you, thanks for the info!!

9/14/2020 7:49:13 AM


Antwerp, Belgium

All of you, thanks for the info!!

9/14/2020 7:49:21 AM

719.5 Pounder

North Of The Border

Yes. I have a plant that came from a 152 pound squash, and it has grown, so far, a 140, and 220, and has one estimating 350. All on the same plant, in 300 square feet. That's 700 pounds. A great achievement, and this was a open pollination.

9/14/2020 4:39:10 PM

andy W

Western NY

14 years ago, a seed out of a 125# pumpkin grew the WI state record. It was a good cross, so the potential was there.

That said, I believe there are a few reasons to go with seeds out of bigger pumpkins if you have the ability to provide a seed with 2000#+ situation.

9/14/2020 9:18:20 PM


Bloomfield, Iowa

Steve Geddes grew my 867 seed in 2018 right by a 1911 that grew his 2528. Yes he lost my 867 at 65 days old,but it was taping 1,868 lbs estimated weight. Genetics is very important and I think he showed that. Who knows where he would have ended up.

9/14/2020 9:36:11 PM

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