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Subject:  1756 H/J

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Do not mean to make anybodys head too big but try to find a top pumpkin in the last few years that does not trace back on the maternal side to that seed. Not very many and when you look into that seed it was not from a big pumpkin but was loaded with top genetics. Overlooked until the 2145 come onto the scene with the 2624. Remember that when you looking to buy.

1/3/2022 10:41:15 AM


Syracuse, NY


1/3/2022 1:24:34 PM

The Gridiot

10,000 BC Younger Dryas 2

It was from a personal best. I like the idea of trying seeds that were personal bests. 1747.5 Handy. Not huge by todays standards but it was also a personal best.

...Something special about a personal best!

In my opinion, suppose using minimal effort EG grows a 1500 lb pumpkin that is personal best, then that is genetically a much better prospect than a 1500 lb pumpkin grown with great effort by, say, Willemijns...

There's always a lot of focus on scale weights, but if a really experienced grower like Werner or Stelts says "I really liked this plant" or "I think this is my best seed/cross ever" then that means a lot, too. Some growers, you can forget the scale weight and just trust their opinion even if the seed they are suggesting to you wasn't a personal best.

1/3/2022 2:47:49 PM


Syracuse, NY

I see what yer sayin'; (0_0) Thanks for the 1500# PB goal '22!
For me, that is like a car that is either built from the ground up, or maybe is a production model that was obscenely expensive - either can have the effect of 'Holy 'Something or Other!!!'' Funny that that was supposed to be one word, lol. Muscle memory whilst not looking, I guess. Check out the length of this sentence:
*As far as I'm concerned, I can have the best seeds in the world (I've maybe a few dozen, by a few years' ago's standards, PLUS the Fantastic Gerrys, lol) and still not get one of them past 1K yet but I feel more enthusiastic for '22 even now because I realized that the plants out in back did not have nearly as many problems as the ones planted where I've been growing AGs for 20 years without rotating to a different crop to offset the diseases that may have set in for two decades.*..Actually, the back patches are simply more secluded and Jurassic Park-like, like 'out there'...More attuned to where a pumpkin patch should be - hidden...
'To every season, Rotate, Rotate, Rotate'...well, anyway---eg

1/4/2022 4:25:40 AM


Syracuse, NY

Wow, that's SOME tree, Gritty!



1/4/2022 4:49:57 AM

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