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Subject:  Trying to Decide

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Kutztown, PA

Assuming I don't win a big Mendi or a good Werner, I have the following seeds in my pocket:
1893.5 Daletas, 1953 Daletas, 1990 Marintzer, 2100 Stelts, 2365 Wolf, and a 2416 Haist.

My dark horse are a 1399.5 Pappas and a 1490 Tobeck which is a 2145 x self seed.

The 2365 is a given. I'll be growing four so I have three spots left - which three remaining seeds would you plant.

1/11/2022 11:30:06 AM



I’d grow the 1953 Daletas for sure! It grew the 2218 Cardenas (5% heavy) & the 1957 St. Laurent (22% heavy) in its first year…and was only planted twice! Big & heavy offspring. That’s what I want!

1/11/2022 11:39:41 AM

JABC (Jordan)

Kelowna, British Columbia

I agree with vineman, grow the 1953. I'd try the 2100 as well, I really like the cross on that seed.

1/11/2022 4:35:14 PM

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