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Subject:  Mycorrhizal Fungi

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Seattle, WA

Good read by my buddy Tim Wilson on mycorrhizal fungi with supporting references.


11/21/2014 1:56:59 PM

Plant Daddy

Newcastle, CA

What causes spores to germinate? Do they have to be in contact with roots? Do the roots secrete something that causes them to germinate?

11/21/2014 6:33:40 PM

Big Kahuna 21

Ontario, Canada.

Interestingly he talks about companion planting as surrogate hosts. This was first mention By Dr. R. Linderman several years ago at Niagara Falls. Linderman wrote a 2 part series (Mycorrhizae: The Straight Story) in Maximum Yield late last year I also found it to eye opening.


11/26/2014 10:52:49 AM


Seattle, WA

Blog post on mycorrhizal fungi:

1/22/2017 2:49:20 AM

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