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Subject:  putting gpc aside what product ?

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What product that you use do you wonder if about ?
Does it work , value or what is it really etc.
Mo and bnot pointed out Skin and its value.
Maybe if we are lucky some of the more scientifically minded people will educate us on the realities.

4/30/2017 4:49:44 PM


Oak Grove, Mn

To continue the Silica topic....I was looking at the benefits of monocot vs dicot. I really have to wonder how much benefit it is...no matter what the percentage. Everything we grow is dicot with the exception of a few corn growers here. And yes, marijuana is a dicot plant. Even though a majority of consumers of RhinoSkin are the pot growers. If you have lots of money, i doubt it would hurt the plant. If you are in soil, it probably wont affect one way or another. If you are in hydro...it might actually help..I have looked at the ingredients of my last hydro grow..silica is not there. The addition of a bit of silica to the solution may help...but certainly cheaper ways to do it.

4/30/2017 5:08:14 PM


NE Arkansas

Also Bob we need to find out if different types of silicate are useful to dicot plants... the npk raw is a different type...

5/1/2017 1:15:00 AM

Moby Mike Pumpkins


I have had good luck with Urea 46-0-0 you can see quick response with this product, it works!

5/1/2017 3:56:28 AM


Valencia Spain

Grow a Giant onion and a pot leek and then some dicots

5/1/2017 9:28:24 AM


Alex, IN

I am doing graduate research with Potassium Silicate. Granted it is in corn. After two years of research we have seen an average of a 39% increase in stalk stregth with a V10 application of the product.

Research has shown that there is a more noted effect in applications to monocots vs dicots. I apply it to my pumpkins because even a few percent increase in strength of any part of the plant is valuable to us as competitive growers.

In addition to an increase in strength silicate has been shown to reduce biotic and abiotic stresses that both monocots and dicots experience.

And yes pot growers use it because it increases the THC level of the plants. When we ordered the product we are using in my research it had to be shipped from Colorado, go figure... Lol

9/1/2018 7:44:32 AM

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