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Subject:  Clethodim

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McMillin Giants

Salem Ohio

Has anyone used Clethodim on their patch? Has anyone used it as a drench for weed control? From my understanding it can be drenched over all leaves and vines and will not hurt them, while killing most weeds and all grasses? I would really like to hear from anyone who has used this product and their experience with it, thanks

12/8/2021 11:47:06 AM

PumpkinShepherd (Todd)


Might check this thread.


12/8/2021 12:06:53 PM


Orient, Ohio

Clethodim is a GRASS only herbicide. Many with that active ingredient have pumpkin on the label of registered crops. I know section 3 does.

12/8/2021 12:21:11 PM

McMillin Giants

Salem Ohio

I am concerned about it possibly being a growth inhibitor. From what I read, I am pretty sure it will not harm leaves or vines as long as it isn’t applied in high heat conditions. Also is it harmful to beneficial bacteria/microbes in soil, that could slow growth rate of actual pumpkin or roots?

12/8/2021 12:38:09 PM


Dillonvale, Ohio

I used it in 2020. Grew my 1699 in a patch that had a lot of grass in it. I'd use it again if I have a lot of grass growing. I sprayed it under the canopy, wasn't too worried about getting it on the vines. Just watch using it in high heat and use a crop oil

12/8/2021 6:43:56 PM


Alex, IN

I have had it slow or almost stop pumpkin growth when applied at a high rate. If you apply it at a lower rate when the grass is smaller it does not seem to impact plant/fruit growth.

12/9/2021 5:17:07 AM

Pumpkinman Dan

Urbandale, Iowa

I have trouble every year with crab grass invading in from my back yard turf, this sounds like a helpful option!

12/14/2021 12:00:00 PM

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