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Pumpkin Growing in Australia

Subject:  New Australian dedicated Forum

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Qld Australia

Hi All.
There is a new forum that recently hit the web,dedicated to the giant pumpkin community in Australia. It is still only small at the moment and under construction.But has great potential to help better the aus GP Community. It will be upgraded on a stats base so the more people that visit ,the more chance of it being upgraded to a more permanent thing.
So jump on Aussies and start chatting.

The forum is -- ausgiantpumpkins.forumatic.com


6/26/2012 11:42:48 PM

Down Under

Queensland, Australia

Hi Mate,
Where are located in Qld? Interesting to see pumpkins grow throught the winter.

7/8/2012 9:19:21 PM


Qld Australia

G-day down under.
i am slightly west of townsville far nrth qld.

7/10/2012 10:33:17 PM


NSW, Australia (barracatcher7@hotmail.com)

Is it just me, or does the site no longer work?

Cheers and God bless,

10/31/2012 6:40:56 AM



There is a new upgraded site called ausgiantpumpkins.com ,the old forum was replaced with this site.

11/1/2012 8:43:46 PM


NSW, Australia (barracatcher7@hotmail.com)

Thanks Phillip!

11/2/2012 3:17:02 AM


Qld Australia

AusGiantPumpkins is chasing Aussie members, pop over and have a look. Meet some growers in your local area.


1/4/2013 6:07:01 PM



Hi all just joined this site yesterday, Im not interested in growing giant pumpkins as such I love to grow anything especially if its edible. I joined this site more to see what your up to here and to learn more about horticulture in general. So far Im finding the forum to be not very user friendly. Probably just me. I posted something yesterday and can no longer find that thread. How can i refer back to my latest post and thread. Also is it possible to subscribe to threads here and follow growers? Any site navigation help would be appreciated.

9/13/2017 1:49:20 AM


Millfield NSW Australia

Hi,im new to the page, just looked up the
http://www.ausgiantpumpkins.com/ website but it's saying it can't be found. I'm from outside Newcastle in NSW, and I'm trying to find some beginner giant pumpkin seeds I can grow in my home vegy garden. Any recommendations where I can find some. Thanks

11/5/2017 3:02:53 PM


nsw Australia.

send me an e-mail. i have seeds;

11/6/2017 2:25:25 PM

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